Spotting Scopes at Aldi

Aldi have the spotting scopes in stock from Thursday 21st June
I've had one for about two years and I'm very pleased with it.
Edge distortion is minimal and colour rendition is good as well. The scope has a rubberised coating that seems to resist knocks quite well. I don't know how water resisitant the scopes are and so I've always been careful to shield it when the weather turns foul. I use my scope principally for birding on marsh land but also for sighting in rifles out to 100m.
The paper punchers will find that it first class for 25m
I've spent a fair bit of money on glass and would have to say for £25 this little scope has out-performed some much more expensive items

I use one out to 1,000 yards on the ranges and it does the job well enough. Especially when it was less than £30!
splendid, I've sent one of my minions out to get one. Will stop me having to tramp up and down while zeroing the R10
Saw one this morning for the first time [throw away the uselessly fragile tripod though], and was very impressed by it. Especially as it cost substantially less than 5% of the price of the x20-60 eyepiece on my own spotting scope.

I have instructed mrs tac to invest in one for the granddaughter to go watch-birding with. She can pay me back when she starts earning in about 12 year's time.

The Russian military surplus spotting scopes ones have always been good for the money and with the squaddie proof build but the big chains don't tend to sell them.


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Bought one of these today, haven't unboxed it yet, but for 25 quid it's gotta be worth a punt.

I'll have a tinker with it tomorrow if I can be arsed and it's not pissing down.


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Had a play with it this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised. It's no Schmidt and Bender, but for 25 quid you really can't go wrong, it's a hell of a lot better than scopes I've seen for 4 times the price. It even comes with a carry case.

As mentioned by someone else, ditch the tripod for something a little sturdier, I've now stuck mine on an old camera tripod.
The Russian military surplus spotting scopes ones have always been good for the money and with the squaddie proof build but the big chains don't tend to sell them.
mate of mines got one of these

Yukon VPSS 20-50x50

nice bit of glassware, and worked well spotting at warcop ranges the day i was playing with it, you can find them cheaper then on the rus military site too if you hunt around a bit.
the Yukon 100 is ment to be to bees knees of the rooski made, but the aldi price ones are going to be hard to beat value wise.
there's still some of these on the shelves at the local Aldi,now some of you had had them a bit,what do you reckon?,thinking of stopping off on the way back from nights and picking one up.Any insight would be gratefully welcome.
Like eveyone else said, you can hardly go wrong for the money. It loses a bit of clarity at the edges but still perfectly usable.

Even better I was in Aldi the other day and they had a few left over ones reduced to £15
Sad to say, whilst optically they arent bad for £25, the build quality is atrocious. I bought one last year. Mine lasted one day before the internal mech fell apart. The mech is made of plastic and is not good. Whilst I managed to get it back together the collimation had gone, and I could get a clear image through it. When I returned it to my local Aldi, he had a cupboard full of them, all with the same fault. Maybe they have rectified that fault, but maybe not.


(EDIT: Don't know why I bothered since I've got one of those Yukon VPSS scopes anyway. They are very tough. I drove over mine, admittedly over soft ground, but it still works fine!)
My local Aldi has just got some 25-75 spotting scopes in. They're going for about £60. Worth a punt?


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I've got the 25 quid one set up on my desk at work (I have a sea view).

Very happy with it. Not the best picture quality in the world but punching well above its weight for the price.
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