Spotters - What are These?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by SigDev_Duck, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. What are we looking at here?

  2. The black rifle in the soft case looks like an Accuracy International rifle, though i suspect this is not the case, judging by the civvie walking boots and wellies! also if you look closely the magazine is a 7.62 box mag with a .22 calibre mag coming out the top of it. I'm thinking all of the rifles are held on a civvie firearms license.

    Tpr G
  3. the top rifle in the picture looks like either a Steyr or a CZ. the middle is a de-lisle carbine, orig developed during WW2 for giving Jerry the good news quietly, the magazine is a std .303 enfield mag with a .45 colt acp mag fitted into it as the de-lisle was in .45 acp.
    The bottom rifle looks like a Remmy 700 variant with a AICS stock system fitted to make it look like a L96A1.
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  7. More or less right.

    Top to bottom:

    Steyr Scout "tactical" model with ten round magazine kit fitted and BR Tuote Reflex moderator. Not sure about the scope.

    Recent copy of a De-Lisle using a No.4 rather than a No.1 Mk III as per the original. Might well be built from a No.4 that had already been converted as a Transitional target rifle. A bloke in Suffolk was making these recently.

    Remongton 700 in AICS as stated by CM.
  8. 'What are we looking at here?'

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    Not any of them - far too Army Barmy for me - my experience with non-standard weapons ends with SovBlock fam'ing.
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