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HBSA lecture time last night and the subject was seconary small arms of the RN in WW1. A good lecture and a few interesting pieces were displyed before hand.
Detailed answers required, in service dates, out of service dates, correct calibre designations and countries in service please.

The revolver:
Colt New Service .455, known as the Pistol, Colt, .455 inch 5 1/2 Barrel Mark 1.

The Automatic:
Austrian Roth Styer M1907, calibre 8mm ? Surely not even the RN would have bought something as obscure as this and in 8mm.


The weapons were just on display as part of a discussion we have every meeting. The calibre for the colt please and in out of service dates please.
That said the RN had Ross rifles, Arisaka, Winchester 92 and 94 rifles, Remington Rolling blocks, 7mm Brazilian and Chilean Mausers and maxims in 7mm Mauser!
The first IS the 8mm Austro Hungarian Roth-Steyr. Adopted by them in 1907 is 1907 this is the first I have heard of anyone else using it.

It has a trigger action very similar to the current Glock, the first part of the pull actually putting the weapon on full cock. This was supposed to reduce NDs as it was a cavalry weapon. Having one in my collection I can add it is quite nice to shoot and attracts a lot of interest at the range.

The revolver looks like a Colt New Service, due to the location of the event I would guess .455 although it was made in everything from 357magnum to 44 russian. It was in production from 1898 until 1944. Mine is Canadian Military in .455, re chambered at some point into 45 colt long. It was in service with just about everyone on the allied side in both world wars.


It is Austrian and only issued to the Austrians and not the hungarians apparently. It seems it went out of production during WW1 but no WW1 dated examples have come to light yet. Not sadly an obsolete calibre. The colt is .455 but Eley and marked as such, it was the designation applied to the contract pistols which both services bought. The pistol was accepted in 1915 and declared obsolete in 1919 along with a lot of war issues.
The Navy lecture was a slight red herring, every lecture night someone brings something interesting and often (although not this time) connected to the main lecture theme.
As for the Colt New Service, I fired one on the RUC range at the armoury just south of Lisburn (Sprucefield?) back in 1980, along with a Chinese STEN! I found the grip to be quite uncomfortable when compared to, say, the Webley. I was warned that if not held in a proper grip, the hammer could catch the web of the hand!


Petriburg said:
This site has the Roth-Steyr as in service with the Hungarians in 1939 and with the Italians (war reparations after WW1) up to 1941.
When the empire was broken up in 1918 no doubt all sorts of arms ended up being distributed around, this caused problems for arms companies between the wars trying to sell new goods. The pistol was apparently only issued to one half of the imperial army and although records state manufacture wasnt officially stopped until about 1915/16 there have been no known wartime stamped examples found. The Steyr 1911/12 of which I had 2 was a similar designed barrel in 9mm x 21 I seem to recall and capable of decent accuracy. I suspect that the records showed the pistols end of manufacture applying to spare parts rather than whole pistols which may well have ceased before WW1 as the 9mm Steyr was already filtering into service!
re the colt, mine certainly barked with a full load but wasnt any worse than the S&W but not as smooth as my Mk6 Wobbly!
Oh happy days! :roll:

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