Spotter question

I noticed that. Aren't they the foreign equivelent of what will be known in service as the "panther". Several forces are using them and we've got them on order, though not as replacement for snatch.

Feel free to correct me, couldn't find my spotter binos :p
Oh yeah, I was very VERY wrong... my apologies...

Have just remembered I have seen those vehicles before, there were some sat around on salisbury plain last year. (the ones in bbc photo)
Oddly enough, I saw the same photo today and also wondered what they are. I recognised them as VBLs, French Panhards and was amazed to discover that the French have 1000 troops in Afghanistan as part of the Kabul Multinational Brigade (KMNB) within ISAF 8O.

Edited for stupidity
look vaguely like something out of thunderbirds!
One thing that rattles me about them.... They are french!!!! They,ll have 1 forward gear & 5 reverse !!! Seriously though has,nt this Country of ours got the savvy to make stuff like that ourselves ? IMO its foolhardy to buy so much Military equipment from abroad. If the sh1te really hits the fan big time in the future. We could end up in poo strasse.

Regards LT.

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