Spotted Richard anyone?


The traditional suet pudding Spotted Dick has been renamed "Spotted Richard" at a council canteen - because customers keep making jokes.

The new name for the dessert, with another alternative Sultana Sponge, has appeared on the menu at Flintshire Council headquarters in Mold.

The council said catering staff made the decision after "immature comments" and it was not a policy decision.
Better go and ask for some tennis sphere's for my daughter and a couple of spare shuttlethingys to play badminton with.

Sure I could think of some more later
Yes i agree the giggles etc were probably getting tedious but they could always have ignored them,or used a comeback of wit, but surely it was not on the menu everyday?
Is nothing sacred?

I suppose dishes like Cock-a-leekie soup, Coq au vin and Toad in the Hole are next.

We should start a protest. Keep your hands off my cock and leave my dick alone.


No, I'll have a bloody mary myself cock, thank you, by the way, is the cockandbull soup still on the menu? -------- No sir, that funking council leader has eaten it all!!

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