"Spotlight" BBC1 NI 10:35PM Tuesday

Yeah watched it,
heard a lot of bad stuf about the MOD
but never did I hear about the lack of rations.

What a farce, having to officially buy them from the yanks.
Why not offically bring the damn things over in the first place.

My heart goes out to the troops, having to eat Hershey Chocolate, yuk.

Did you's see your mans light weight Landy, totally awsome, gona
hav to build me, one just like it :)
Did we not send several tons of Compo Rations free of charge and at public expense by way of assistance to the Americans after Hurrican Katrina which were subsequently left impounded and unused by the US authorities since the Americans were concerned that the contents infringed the laws relating to imported meat in general and BSE in particular?

I have heard that the Americans subsequently repackaged them as overseas food aid as: 'a gift from the people of the United States'

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