Spot The Tractor

RE porn methhinks! The tractors and diggers, not the chicks!

You're not a POM by any chance are you knocker?

Bring on the dancing girls and the CET. If you can get it started.......
IckleMissNawti said:
I like the bonnet the brunette chick on the back row is wearing :oops: its a shame she has a bikini tan line to go with it!!
The girl two to the right has worse bikini line. The one with the bonnet on show appears to be wearing a halloween mask.
Pretty obvious really, my eyes were drawn sraight away to the likely hiding place.

The tractor is displayed on the heads-up laser display - masquerading as a pair of sunglasses ?.


Book Reviewer
Nope, sorry, looking REALLY hard at that picture and I'm blowed if I can see a tractor. I'll keep looking, but I may be some time.

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