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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. right, its not hard to spot a squaddie for me.... but to a doris i know its like im that wierd kid in the 6th sense telling bruce willis "i see squaddie people" she doesnt get it.

    why is it so easy to spot them then, what are your personal tell tale give-aways?

    i always seem to see a g10 watch on the underground in london. and at least one iraq issue daysack.

    the floor is open.
  2. The black daysack is the current winner.

    It depends where you are though. If your in Catterick then your cheating. But around a normal human city its harder.

    I find the combination of a few things.

    Reffering to their mobile as comms and saying "Send over" whilst on a train.

    Clean shaven. Through habbit.

    Issue boots of any sort.

    Walking with clenched fists.

    Cap badge tattooed on arm.

    Still wearing uniform.

    Driving a saxon into your local NCP.

    Its just one of them magic things!!!
  3. Ok, I was in the pub the other day and got talking to this bloke after seeing him sit in the corner by himself. To me, I could tell he was a serving solider straight away.

    1. His G-Shock watch stood out.
    2. His rather muscular build.
    3. His short back and sides haircut.
    4. And last but by no means least the jeans with Caterpillar boots combination...a timeless classic.

    We chatted for about an hour about Iraq etc and I think he was really pleased to see a civi like me take a genuine interest in what he did.

  4. That "walk" gives it away every time :wink:
  5. Did you slip him one afterwards?
  6. as in marching
  7. I find when a bloke doubles past you with full CEFO and starts shooting at a bloke in desert combats it can sometimes be a soldier.
  8. Not quite. However, they have a very distinguishing walk almost certainly caused by the marching.
  9. Not being funny but i haven't marched much in years. How many besides guards still do alot of marching???
  10. I was asked by a nurse at work if I had been in the services, as I walked like her ex army husband...
  11. Berghaus or North Face clothing gives it away especially near where I live!!
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Where's that then? In the Himalayas?
  13. Skelmersdale???
  14. hey lance-jacked when that nurse was talking to you was she 80 years old with straight white hair and brown curly teeth.
    And did you ask for her number if so then i hope you will be happy going out with a granny
  15. These are a few ive noticed just about myself (Down under),

    *Clean shaven on a Sunday when no other twat can be bothered
    *I Say 'Wait Out' when i want you to be quiet or stop talking for a second
    *I Walk in step with anybody, even civvies
    *'Where are you' becomes, 'whats your locstat?'
    *'How are you?' becomes, 'whats your sitrep?'

    Most of my digger mates fall down the same traps. We've even been as tragic as using field signals in bars without noticing.