Spot the School Boy Error (part 2)

Whats wrong with this picture ?

Taken at 5 Regt medal parade
Are they supposed to be at ease or at attention?
Mr.Bojangles said:
The blue should be under the red?
Well spotted that man
light_projector said:
Iraq medal ribbons arrse about, FFS.
I have to say, good spot sir
I can't believe that we've got this far through the thread and nobody's noticed the glaring error. He's only gone and forgotten the bloody teapot!! The expression is 'tea and medals' so where's the tea? He should be able to balance a Norgie on that tray.
Irish_Cream said:
Mr_Deputy said:
why is the rear rank only at ease?
in the open order, front ranks being inspected maybe?
oooooooooo I know Sir I know.......... Its

The rope thingy on his should
Medal bearers shirt collar not ironed flat, and Bombs on Jacket collar facing just a bit too far out!!
It's all about the details... :roll:
Good to see his tie knot is thumb size.. :wink:
He's robbed a load of gongs to make up for his lack of....must be a TSB!

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