Spot the QAs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Herr Doktor, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. terrible that... not even going to peruse the site :D
  2. What isit that you guys have got against QA's? :cry: Just curious. I expect to be ridiculed by the medics on the RAMC and QA board, but now it seem's to be a free for all to join in! Bitter are we Herr Doktor, you get dumped by a QA?

  3. Nope. That bus load of QAs from Rinteln, didn't stop at his barracks either.
  4. pmsl @ Biscuits_ AB
  5. Nah, folk like me have tainted his views on QAs by our bitter and twisted ramblings blaming you lot for all the AMSs woes :wink:
  6. Lol, i know, ive seen you rant often enough about my beloved corps!
  7. it keeps me off the streets ranting about the QAs........really I secretly wish I was a QA too.......the pies, the pies :twisted:
  8. Not all of us sit and eat pies all day!
  9. Cakes then? I've seen you at it...
  10. Well I must be an unusual specimin cause I don't eat cake very often! And especially not wedding cake before anyone brings up that old one about QA's and egagment rings!!

  11. So your a single QA then :twisted:

    A rare breed :twisted:
  12. Single QA read very very ugly and probably dosed up to the eye ball with some particularly rare strains of syphilis
  13. And I bet your ginger and smell of wee!!
  14. Probably buggers dogs too...........should come in handy for the QAs then :wink: