spot the odd one out

For all the fans of Deuce Bigalo Male Gigalo.....
"Thats a huge bitc*!"

it's also a bit cruel to put her next to the resident "stick insect"...
Youd burn your arrse on the lightbulb if you tried to roll over that creature in bed 8O
All I see is an averaged sized Afro-American and lots of dwarf, pasty skinned people of 'non ethnic origin'.

Is it one of those 'magic pictures' that you have to stare into to see a steam train or Catherdral?
The bloke sitting far right of picture is the only one wearing a tie.

Took a lot of working out there - At first I thought cheerleader third from camera as she has come to a halt while the rest are marking time - then I noticed cheerleader fourth from camera had also anticipated the command. They will both need to stay behind for some 'pokey-drill' instruction from the Baron :D

I thought then that I had sussed it as the bird second from the camera being the odd one out - but then I noticed another African-American at the far end.

dont take the mick out of my women she big black and all that :p
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