Spot the mistake

mastergnr said:

select the "structure of the army"......look for the FOO

anything strange there??

Click on OP ack and it takes you to Tactical HQ :cyclopsani:

Also, 16 Regt is now a div or brigade :cyclopsani: and MoD can't figure out how to spell mechanised.

If it's non of these, then I give up :D


Assault units, Combat, Gunner naval gunfire a warrior???
mastergnr said:
Assault units, Combat, Gunner naval gunfire a warrior???

:scratch: :blush: :rofl:


War Hero
4 brigade is Armoured not mechanized or mechanised as they spell it on 1 brigade or mechanized as spelt on 12 bde

As for 16 regt yes that is the flash they have on uniform it is the Joint GBAD Flash.

1 Arty bde is red in true fact, but they have green on uniform if you look at there flag it is still red.

if i have missed the proper mistake can you please tell me


No the real mistake is that 101 Log Bde is no longer in 3rd Division :cyclopsani: :thumright:
Look cerafully end you will saa tha is e typogrephiel arror in tha word artillery!
:omfg: :worship: Well spotted :thumright:

It was obviously all the trees blocking out the wood


yes, spotted straight off. A common mistake among "Others" however saying that i remember a RA lad from way back having a tattoo on his arm, i dont remember exactly what of but the word artillary was on there in nice big letters.
Im not sure if he was a bigger loser for geting the tattoo or spelling it wrong in the 1st place :thumbdown:


Shades of the first episode of It Ain't 'Alf Hot Mum, where the BSM insists on the Artillary spelling and then blames the dictionary being printed in Delhi for his mistake!

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