Spot the falling plane

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smallbrownprivates, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. 12 hours

  2. 24 hours

  3. 36 hours

  4. Never, its all an Elf and Safety overreaction

  5. You sick fcukers, gambling and watching for human misery like vultures or disasters waltenkommando

  1. Is it just my sick sense of curiosity, or is anyone else morbidly interested in how much back pedalling will be spouted by one and all if a plane backfires/looses an engine/stoofs in during the next 48 hours?

    Having seen BBC24 spunk licence payers money up against the wall in some of the most dull "human interest - you've just got back to UK - tell us about your flight connection hell" live interviews from london's airports last night, I would be fascinated in seeing how post crash they would handle "Shazzer" in her shellsuit weeping about her dead "Darren" who "had to get onna plane, so he could get back to sign on in time, innit"

    Is this disaster walting or something worse?
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Now that airyplanes are allowed back into UK airspace, I bet (safely) that both the government AND airlines have a scapegoat ready just in case something like this does happen (I hope that it does not).

    Some poor sivilserpent will have been pressured to put his/her moniker on a bit of paper saying it is OK to fly so if something does happen everyone with real responsibility will point at them and say "It wisnae me!"

    Cinical - Moi :x
  3. Nothing is going to happen. Massive over-reaction...................
  4. Lord Adonis was putting some very careful markers down on the Beeb this morning - "we rely on advice from the safety experts"; "been working closely with the CAA"; "I'm a politician, not an expert on ash clouds" - that sort of thing.

    Looks like the CAA are being set up to take the rap, should anything happen.
  5. There was a rep from the airlines on BBC1 this morning talking about how the US equivalent of the CAA used high-tech scientific jiggery-pokery to come up with a far smaller danger zone - therefore it must be ok to fly!

    Everybody's getting their blame-deflectors deployed early, but the bottom line will always be: the flight ban was lifted because the airlines were losing money. A calculated risk has been taken to minimise the loss.
  6. aint hindsight flippin marvellous?

    i'm sure i'd rather wait a couple of days overseas than run the risk of being scooped up when the plane nosedives into the ground or oggin cos no one had the backbone to stop the flights.

    The only people i feel sorry for are those guys and girls trying to get back here on R&R stuck at KAF or en-route.

    Tourists can take a running jump, their choice, live with it and crack on.
  7. Isn't just me then?

    Why don't we put all our politicians on a place to somewhere in northern Scotland, and make sure they have a Euasijcbniulhnk the Unpronouncable volcano-inspired Polish Air Travel moment? I for one would be happy to see the whole fucking lot of them stoof in....on condition that there be a significant journo entourage escorting them at the time.

    Would make for a more interesting election, wouldn't it?

    (Apologies to all Poles....I wish it had been the other way round).
  8. not read your post mate, where did you get that lovely avatar from? its kind of hypnotic, better than Kays catalogue circa 1979 summer collection.....
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Spot the airplane
    I thought you were gonna post this - Crab air requsting priority landing :p

  10. Just before 10pm last night, I was looking at one of the radar sites and noticed a couple of aircraft heading northwest over the North Sea, due to make landfall somewhere in the Middlesbrough area. The lead aircraft continued on its flight path past Newcastle so I presume that it was heading for Glasgow. The following aircraft disappeared from the screen (last seen about 70 miles east of Scarborough) - and never reappeared.

    I was expecting there to be a newsflash and instant grounding of aircraft last night, but nothing. Nothing in the papers this morning, either.

    I suppose that if it crashed, there'd be tremendous pressure by the major carriers to keep it quiet... ...and it probably wouldn't be missed for a week or two.
  11. If it did (and I'm sacrificing a virgin to the Gods right now) would the election still go ahead or would the labour tossers cancel it ?
  12. To be fair, I don't think thats unreasonable.

    Civil. Aviation. Authority.

    Several clues in the name there.
  13. It would have to go ahead. It would be unconstitutional not to have it at the end of the 5 year term.

    They would have to find another candidate to stand for each of those poor hapless money-grabbers who've gone to meet the Big Auditor in the sky.
  14. <sticks another virgin on the fire>
  15. You're not from Sunderland, then?