Spot the errors in this article.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Can't be arrsed.

    But scored 39 out of 40 as he shot at a target from 30metres is ******* shocking.
  2. The video of him doing the old "what's that over there" trick to Usain Bolt is worth a watch though (halfway down the page)
  3. spelling or content?

    Personally I think it was when he asked as opposed to ordered the journo's to stand at hte other end of the range.
  4. Wait, this guy gets paid to write articles? Sure it's not just some kid's work experience?
  5. ******* hell, is that article a joke? Also, why is it that the press have their noses wedged so far up his ********? He's quite amusing, the thing with Usain Bolt was a giggle but really he's just doing a "did you come far job" for his mum. I notice the the JDF are sensible enough to do their procurement from the Yanks as well.
  6. Read part of the article then gave up because it was so badly written ... the author must have failed his Media Studies Degree Course ... unless the report was filed from a local Reporter in Kingston ... at least it wasn't written fully in the local Patois .

    Edited to add ... The author may have spell checked with Word set to English ( Jamaican ) .