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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by quiller, Nov 24, 2004.

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    will we see tony plastering his boat all over the uk in the run up to the election, wanting us to bow down and worship. i would not be surprised.

    it better not be the wide mouthed frog either............
  2. one of thems got a spiffy moustache :lol:
    and not been accused of being an idiot
  3. It's a close one right enough....

    they both have the same false, smug sh*t-eating grin!

  4. One of them was not properly elected, governed through fear, funded OSL, and launched a war against an middle eastern country which wasted lots of lives, and the other is Saddam Hussein....
  5. Unlikely, as his party view him as a serious electoral problem. This is a shame, because I would be out with the spray can! :twisted:
  6. classic... :lol:
  7. Really? Elaborate. on "not properly elected, governed through fear"
  8. oh so you agree with funding obl and the war :lol:
  9. Never assume, woody
  10. Why not i,m already an ass? Anyway you walked into that one :lol:
  11. I refer, of course, to the shambles surrounding the chimp's first election, and his subsequent use of the fear of terrorism to introduce legislation and as an election strategy. I did not mention links with unsavoury Middle Eastern rulers (Saudi, to save you asking).
  12. If you say so :lol:
  13. Shambles? I suppose only because the loser kept wanting a recount even though he kept losing. Something like what I hear is going on in the US Washington State right now.

    The fear of terrorism thing is an interesting one. The Democratic party is actually guilty of both. When it suited them they claimed credit for the legislation, and the department of Homeland Security, and pushing Bush to create both. I saw more "fear" rhetoric from them than from Bush.

    They, and Mikey Moore, of course wouldn't agree.

    and I thank you for saving me from asking.