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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Fingerz, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

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  2. oldbaldy

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    1. Battlefield Tours

  3. You can almost hear Malcolm Tucker: Whatever you do, DO NOT mention they're ******* Muslims. Got it? Now get ******* typing lassie.
  4. It's a cultural thing, no harm was meant.
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  5. Not so long ago I got ROP`d by some dipstick MOD for describing Muzzies as morally , culturally, and intelectually inferior to western europeans. I wonder if he`s going to say sorry, Trowel is right and I was wrong.
  6. Don't hold your breath. :)
  7. Mohamed, Surin, Ali, Abdul? Could be any race or religion, you people are jumping to conclusions. God bless the BBC for editing the facts to present a multicultural view of the news.

    Next you'll be suggesting that unlicensed minicab drivers are potential rapists; shame on you!
  8. I wonder if they worship with those people from that awfully peaceful religion that has a few mosques in this country. I thought they were respectful of the opposite sex, cos their sky pixie tells them to be peaceful and respectful.
  9. Now call me a cynic - but where in these press stories does it mention them being Moslems - sounds like good Catholic names to me !
  10. Shouldn't that be: "WIIIN PANG enjoy this WEEEWEEEWEEEWEWEE Snort LarkleLarkle Brrrrrrring Peteeeww MODS!"?
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  11. I'm sure we could dig up some academic research to support all three of those claims without too much trouble. :)
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  12. where's that markintimeguy

    I am really buying into this whole marxism is behind everything now
  13. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    No you were not, you were ROPed on 11-04-2012 for a grossly offensive comment which, had you said it in front of a senior NCO or officer, would likely have resulted in you tapping the boards and looking at an admin discharge.

    The above comment makes it sound like you made a reasoned, thought out comment which a MOD unreasonably jumped on. You actually made reference to cloth headresses and a 4 letter description of the female anatomy.
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  14. In rape cases the names should be held back until guilt is established in court, More than one case of a false rape allegation with the blokes name bandied all over the news while the "Victim" has their details protected.
    Even totally if innocent and its proven in court the alleged rapist will always have his name associated with the crime.
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