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Spot The Dickhead

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by zero-over, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. this should be moved to Arrsers Self Portraits.
  3. for sure someone...
  4. Is it Tommy Robinson?
  5. All I see is a flag.
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  6. Try again, the dickhead is one fist left of the bushy topped tree.
  7. And the other dickhead who took the photo.
  8. Is the dickhead behind the flag?
  9. Wasn't there a bit of a stir when someone said they wanted more intelligent soldiers?
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  10. I found this dickhead, will he do?

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  11. Oh is he the guy the NRA want to lynch?
  12. Is it really that dusty in Birmingham?

    Never mind, i'm sure his Mum will do his dohbi.
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  13. As obnoxious as he is, I quite enjoy his show. American telly is very much about ratings, and the standard of debate even on 'serious' shows is very poor.
  14. I can't stand the sound of his voice mate, I served with his brother and the difference between the pair of them is immense.
    His brother was, at the time, a Major in my old mob and when Piers ran that story with the faked pictures of abuse, he actually rang him up and called him a twat.....

    I find American TV to be entertaining, yet definitely aimed at simpletons. I was watching a tv show today called "Bamazon" it's about these dudes who go into the jungle looking for some shit or other.

    The opening credits go a bit like this........In the deadly jungle, death awaits behind every leaf, shit kills other shit all the time, everyone is going to die, there's going to be shit loads of death.....if these guys can find some gold and sell it they'll make some money......if they get out alive!!!!!!

    No one fucking died, no one even came fucking close.....fucking big timing cunts, it's basically a show about RAF regiment walts, gobbing off about how deadly their job is even though no one has actually died.

    Then there's the one with the two redneck brothers who surf the gator swamps, fuck me, is there any point to a show like that. How big is the target audience, all the rednecks seem to be out hunting gators.

    Fucking TV, drives me nuts......Sorry, was ranting then, where was I?

    Oh yeah, Piers Morgan.....dickhead cunt.
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