Spot the deliberate mistake

Member of the Spitfire family: A Hurricane Mk I from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Member of the Spitfire family? I didn't know that Hawkers were part of Supermarine during the war...

WWII Spitfires flying high to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain
Well two anyway - and furthest from the camera.


Well, when 'research assistants' believe that research is spelt 'Google' but with not so many 'guh' sounds, then what do you expect? At least they got the right war, FFS.


Mind you, the Wail hasn't quite got it right either. The script between the two webpage images states:

Winging it: BBC homepage use image of planes that were not used in the Battle of Britain. The aircraft was ordered from the US, but didn't arrive in the UK until September 1941, a year after the war had ended
There was me thinking the war had lasted another four years.


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Delivery of a glass house and some stones for the Daily Mail please
My aircraft recognition is a bit rusty, are they Bell Airacobras?
They look like it to me - they've got the cannon appearing from the propellor hub and the exhaust stubs behind the cockpit.
My Aircraft recognition may also be a bit rusty but the big FO front wheel points away from the Spitfire
I imagine von Stauffenberg would have been grateful on 20 July for a Waffen SS Captain's uniform and a fast car...not to mention his arm and eye mysteriously back in place! Who is that SS chap? Stauffenberg walt!

Those are indeed Airacobras...not exactly an air superiority fighter but a very effective (in Soviet livery) ground attack aircraft.
And, if I'm not mistaken, the Spit is a Mk Vb. (I remember building the Airfix model of that very aircraft as a wee lad.)
My Aircraft recognition may also be a bit rusty but the big FO front wheel points away from the Spitfire
Therein lies the problem with being a complete spotter - pick up on the little details and miss the bleedin' obvious ones :oops:

I did know that it wasn't a Spitfire though!
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