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Spot on Willy

Ahem :oops: . Perhaps you qualified peeps are the people to ask. Ahem, :oops: :oops: there's a friend of mine who has a spot on his willie that keeps producing puss, even after four weeks now :cry: . No painful discharges, apparently :lol: . Spot, so he says, down the left hand side of the trunk as you're looking down on it. 8O

Any idea's?
If it is continuly producing pus, then he really needs to go sick and see the Doc. He may have a simple infection, by what you have described it doesn't sound like a STD to me
Has this mate of yours been shaving the base of his trunk with a bik razor in order to make his appendage look a little longer?
I new someone :oops: That did this and inherited an in-grown pube on the side of his stem. It wept pus until I er I mean he got the old nail clipers out and opperated on it to make all better again.

Note: I am not a docter and if you cut your dick off don't blame me.
rupert-bleep said:
A colleague of mine had a similar thing and he just got his bulldog to lick it clean for him daily 8O ...that seemed to work
Was the bulldog Wet Round All Crevices or just Willing, Ready And Capable.

:D :twisted:

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