Sportsman's Double?

A Sportsman's Double - a threesome with you and a mother/daughter combo.

This must be one of the top perve trophies - can anybody claim it?

(I'm up early with jet-lag and bored).
I've smashed a mother, and a daughter, but alas not at the same time :(

You pissed in a plane??


And here was me thinking that a Sportsman's Double was a marginally cheaper room at the Steffani in St Moritz...

Mark The Convict

I thought that someone had taken their Purdey and given AMMM both barrels. Savagely disappointed.
I shagged a set of twins once, although I did find their mustaches and hairy chests a bit off putting.


Book Reviewer
I am sure that A K has shagged his mother and sister. Does he get extra points for that?
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