Sports you hate!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Yes_Sir!, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. Although not classed as a sport more of a way to excersice.

    Nordic fcuking walking.

    What is it with these people. Walking/tabbing with sticks as if they have a barbed wire fist stuck up them. Walking 3, 4 or five abreast on pavements and in woods thinking they are on a mission from god to be there.

    Whats wrong with normal walking, at a normal pace in a normal way?

    Never done it, never will do it!!

    I hate nordic walking.

    What sports do you hate?

    If your a nordic walker on this forum get a life!
  2. Fecking football, bunch of brylcream ponces, over rated and over paid.

    SK :D

    p.s Agree with you on the Nordic walking. Just fecking stupid
  3. Amen. Give me Rugby or Cricket any day.

    Who can't love a sport with that little running, regular tea and sandwich breaks and a crowd that are encouraged to drink?! :wink:
  4. Both of the above and the 'athletes' that play the sport?!?!? of darts. What the feck is that all about? Its not a sport and they ain't sportsmen.
  5. Show Jumping
    Three Day Eventing
    Synchronised Bloody Swimming

    Don't get me started ...........
  6. Korfball...WTF is that all about. It is part of the Third Reich, like Traffic Wardens, that may make it to a thousand years unless we act NOW!

    Oh and televised paint-drying...I mean snooker!
  7. What the fcuk was kabaddi (spelling) all about? Used to be on channel 4 many moons ago! That was kack to!

    Anyone remember?
  8. Football, snooker, bowls, curling, golf (on the TV), Poker ( its treated like a sport on the TV but its just a card game!!!!!!!)
  9. Oh almost forgot, Darts... which could also be called "Whale Whatching" given the size of the fat, lazy, obese, backward lumps of humanity that throw the darts and call it a sport
  10. Kabadi - classic game, dont think any one had a fookin clue what was going on.

    Back to topic - Ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, anything with "American" in the title, dressage(?) and badminton.

    ... Burn them all!
  11. Fcuking dodgeball, they show some american dodgeball league on tv now
  12. Tiddly Winks, that really grinds my goat
  13. footballs for pansys afraid of contact rugby all the way
  14. Darts (fat cnuts)
    Curling (who thought; I know, if I chuck a lump of granite over some ice and get wifey's broom to sweep away infront that'll make a really good game)
    Golf (boring to play, worse to watch. Worst of all are those claiming they do it for fitness purposes :twisted: )
    Snooker (fun to play pi$$ed, but not as good as pool. Why oh why does BBC2 cancel proper programs just to show some fat muppets hitting balls together?)
    American football (it's not hard, it's rugby without fast paced excitement and with padding. Why do you think only Americans play it)
    Baseball (yet another american sport where it's stop bloody start the entire game/match/whatever. What is their obsession with sports which stop every 5 seconds?)
    Fox hunting - (It's not a sport, when hunting with dogs it was plain cruel and not an effective way of controlling fox populations. Now it's just for tw@ts who like to dress up in stupid clothes, hang around with noses the size of Wales and compare the size of their stallions, to whom they are almost definitely their cousin/aunty/uncle/lovechild)
  15. Summer television!

    Channel 1. Tennis
    Channel 2. Bowls / Darts
    Channel 3. Football
    Channel 4. Horse racing
    Channel 5. Swamp truck racing