Sports (no) personality pf the year award

Thought i'd get this in first - no problem with Freddy winning it - can accept Ellen Mcarthur secont but wtf did Gerrard do to get third - Ricky Hatton has done far more and at least hes got a bit of a personality. Perhaps there's some unwritten rule that a footballer has to be in the top three (but havent checked the winners list out so open to wahs on that one)
As a card carrying Liverpool Football Club fan but one without an ASBO I feel I can expand on his selection for third place. He took a team half manned by sublime quality with the other half being painfully poor also-rans and dragged them by the scruff of the neck to be European Club Champions. Believe me that was no mean feat. He displayed the sort of 'follow me' style of leadership that is sadly lacking in many aspects of both sport and the wider community. However, it is accepted that Stevie (as he is known on the Kop) is hardly the most dynamic off the pitch.


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I'm not sure what Flintoff did to win. His team won beat Australia in a regular match which England had not won for 18 years. The fact that it was a flash in the pan is proved by England then losing to Pakistan.

The whole Ashes thing was another media hype which glorified a small victory. Which i believe was mainly achieved due to the weather.
Flintoff, Plays in a side in a 2 team competition. England narrowly win the series, whole nation jumps on the Bandwagon and become cricket experts. Flintoff gets p**sed, nearly drops his child on its head. England go to Pakistan get thumped, nation jumps off bandwagon.

Gerrard. Inspires an average team (Smicer, Biscan, etc) to defeat the finest teams in Europe; Juventus, Chelsea!!!!! and Milan. Drags a defeated and deflated side up by the bootlaces to one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history. Is now captain of a side competing in the world club championship (oh how I might regret this).

Oh yeh, and some munter sailed a boat for a bit.

Not that I am biased in any way of course.


and don't get me started on Kelly Holmes' dress.............
Ther defence for Flintoff;-
1: we beat the aussies and that counts for a lot
2: Id rather go on the beer with flintoff than gerrard

Funnily enough the last cricketer to win it was Botham also after an Ashes victory - so a cricketer is not likely to win it again in the forseable future.
Ricky Hatton should have won
Im sorry but flintoff hit a few balls and threw a few more and then went and got pissed with his TEN other team mates.
Gerrard kicks a ball around a field with TEN other men yes TEN other men.
Ellen Macarthur sailed around the world all by herself, she spent just under 73 days.
Ricky Hatton stepped into the ring by himself and fought one of the great fighters of today and won.

I believe that team players should not win sports personality because without the other players in the team they would be nothing, they have an award for teams and the england cricket team deserved to win that one even though there were a few other strong candidates for that award.

As from my earlier comments i believe that this award should go to individuals and not team players.
I thought it was PERSONALITY? Has anyone ever even heard Ellen MacArthur actuall say anything? And anyway, they gave her a damehood, isn't that enough?
Gerrard ? He's a Fcuckin Hank. Lots of loyalty, burning his shirt were you? Good footballer and not a sicknote any more, but he is a Ted
She's also the fastest "Star in a reasonably priced car", only 0.4s behind Damon Hill, himself a bit of a wheel-meister and a former Sports Perosnality of the year(94 and 96).

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