Sports Massage - is it worth it?

Does anybody have any opinion on sports massages? I have been running pretty hard lately and although I feel pretty good I do feel quite tight in my calfs and shoulders. Would a regular sports massge help or should I just try something else, ie, basic Yoga stretches, better warm down.
a professional one will be of real help - that's for sure

if you're thinking of 'just any' massage forget it - warming down properly will help the better then ;)
Definately worth it, but you need to be having one weekly/fortnightly for maximum benefit, and its a bit dear for that....
Its expensive but it is nothing short of miraculous if you find a talented practitioner. Be wary if the price list include "sports ****" or any such thing.

I found a great one and he sorted out my IT Band syndrome in 3 weeks when an NHS physio had been giving me useless exercises to no avail for 6 months.

So in short, yes.


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