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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sparky8, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Now don't get me wrong. I have more than benefitted from my £11 a month contribution into the lottery. Ive been lucky enough to see most of the world (through p!ssed up eyeballs) on rugby tour with quite generous contributions from our friends in Aldershot.


    Has anyone else noticed that almost every month there is at least one, "Name Witheld, Hereford Garrison" winner?! I realise there are an awful lot of REME winners on there but then we account for about 10th of the Army so its understandable. Are Taff, Dinger, Mac and the rest of the balcony crew on the fiddle?! Is it a Blade right of passage?!

    Have any ARRSERS won it? Anyone blown their good fortune on a night of ale and whores?!
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  2. won twice only consolation prizes though so it didnt stretch as far as a hooker!!
  3. I've been doing the fucker for 18 years and I've never won a bean. Even there was a 'freak' draw which saw over 200 consolation prizes I won fuck all!
  4. I won fuck all for years, so cancelled my subscription.
  5. Ah I confess I did win £13k doing the pools for my mum as a boy. Paid off the mortgage and got the family a couple of holidays to boot.

    I would like to think that it was a foolproof system I employed. Basically, close your eyes, swirl the pencil around and cross off any boxes it landed by. Proved me very well during my Apprentice Tradesman days, those multi choice trade papers were tricky but my 'system' always came in handy!