Sports kit?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Gust.Avrakotos, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Just got my letter through today confirming my selection date at Chicksands.

    Will I need to take sports kit with me? The letter just says smart clothes for interviews, but I don't want to turn up without stuff I will need (and I cant call my AFCO as its closed)

  2. A. You'll need these......


    B. One of these....


    C. A set of these....


    D. and one of these just in case A, B or C goes completely tits up and you end up in a dark place with no windows and a pasty complexion.

  3. Nah mate, just your smart clothes. good luck
    (i passed last month)
  4. DG, and thats just for getting there.
  5. Well that was really helpful. Remember when you joined? I reckon you might have appreciated some frank and constructive advice ....
  6. Oh FFS! What the fcuk is going on in this forum at the minute? Are you all on the rag or something? Fick Meiner Alter Steifel! Get a fcuking life you wingeing cnuts! BTW when I joined I didn't need the luxury of the Internet, I used my fcuking initiative and ASKED in person what I would require when I went for interview. It's about time some people around here grew a fcuking SPINE!

    Its Saturday night, and I have entered Hades. :x
  7. Please check your PM
  8. I have done so, and have responded.
  9. another exciting Wi Fi night in the wardroom anteroom at CSB then?

    You're not a transferee are you?
  10. Well, enough of this Terence Rattigan type dialogue for this evening I'm off to stretch a few owls!

  11. As per PMs - wardroom anteroom at CSB not understood.

    Yes I am a transferee (1980s vintage) and still serving (Regular Army) - your point is?
  12. Gosh! Aren't things strained in here today?

    (No PMs please, I'm ex-directory)
  13. i'm guessing that the ex-directory box that you ticked was at the bottom end of the form and that was the only one you could reach, ya stunted shortarse leprechaun hobgoblin ;)

    etc etc
  14. Someone has been on the beer early today....
  15. Not at all, in fact it's just the atmosphere you'd expect in a forum full of too many self opinionated, low achieving 'Gollum' like throbbers.