Sports Jackets!

Discussion in 'Officers' started by tsar_Nikolas, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. Hello,

    Another newbie here, asking about Sports coats for Officers. What colours/styles/materials are appropriate? Some look like they've just stepped off of a retro-70's dancefloor, while other look like something your Grandad would wear. So any advice would be nice!

  2. get one from a charity shop

    preferably with leather elbow patches
  3. A garish check one with leather patches, preferably worn with an orange shirt and purple kipper tie! ;)

    I'd recommend Slater Menswear (located in most city centres) where you have rows upon rows of jackets in different colours and styles. The shop will tailor the jacket free of charge if required.

    I got a lightweight navy moleskin type jacket a few years ago that could be worn formal and casual. It was less than £100 as well, so affordable on a JO paycheck.
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    If you were joining the RAF, then a 'Michael Fish, circa 1974' would be fine, but for the Army, something in a moderately restrained tweed should do the job.

  5. An officer that can't decide what clothes to wear !! that should make for some interesting hasty decisions during conflict. surrender... oh arrse what jacket shall I wear breakfast in the field tomorrow?
  6. I'm sure someone will let you know if you've chosen the wrong style/colour ;)
  7. Personally I cant stand navy sportjackets, especially DB one's, all I can think of is "fat old man at the Lions club".

    I have to agree with cpunk, a light tweed (not a herringbone safari suit!) should do, but I think the keyword here is subtlety. Don't get anything that someone is going to turn around and say "C*CK" when they see you wearing it.

  8. not herringbone? Do you prefer houndstooth or burns check then?
  9. Now I understand why there was an article in Soldier magazine about getting stylists to advise Officers. Thought it was ridiculous at the time, but all is becoming clear. :)
  10. A shiny grey and white flecked "bird sh!t" pattern jacket with narrow lapels, preferably worn with a black shirt and a white tie, is the garment of choice!

    With a mullet.

  11. Well actually one should wear one's father's. Preferably without moth holes and I absolutely agree with leather elbow patches and leather covered cuffs.

  12. my post in a twist...see edited ver. (im talking about these mega-vented mega pocket 70's safari lounge suits that seem to be doing the rounds in esquire and the J crew catalogue!

    re: the article in soldier mag: that was in the april issue...I pinged it as being full of sh1te after you look at the name of the stylist they consulted with. ALthough I do know what you mean!

    My advice- pick up a copy of Esquire and GQ, they are normally au fais with dapper clothing.

  13. crusty- I've got a rather nice one from G+H, but it has a rather nasty rip under the armpit (inside that I need tog et is rather grtoovy though!

  14. Wonderful! Black shirt white tie! Sure it'll go down just lovely