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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by scousemech, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. I thought this might be better in this forum

    Whilst doing one of my runs normally an 8 miler at the 7.5 mile point I pulled up suddenly with a sharp pain in my calf, It was so painful I had to limp home the 0.5 mile.Im 37 and normally run 3 to 4 times a week.
    I had stretched before I ran but I was wearing brand new running shoes which in esssence were very comfortable and light i did not take any water with me and I was running on grass for a mile or 2.
    My questions are how can I tell how sever the injury is wether its a bad sprian a partial tear ?Whats the treatment required I iced it as soon as I got in 15 mins on the injury direct and 2 hours later another 15 mins then bed.
    Also how long is the rehabilitation period and can I do anything in the mean time to stop my fitness levels dropping.Also is there anything I can do to stop it happening again.
    Im off to a regiment insight this weekend and theres a bit of phys involved.

    Thanks Guys

  2. As long as you let them know up front that your carrying an injury, they should be ok with it. I think it's part of their H+S regulations that they have to ask you before getting you to do any phys.

    The RE did it when i went on a visit there, and one guy had sprained his ankle at rugger th eday before turning up. He got death by powerpoint, whilst we got to build rafts and swim :D
  3. Not easy to be specific 'across the ether', but:

    A 'sudden' pain may be either something tearing, or possibly shin splints or 'compartment syndrome'. Not possible to be more specific. Rest, Ice and compression will help, but I'd get to a doc or physio and seek advice. compartment syndrome in particular can have spectacularly bad effects if undiagnosed and you try to 'run through it', although it's most common in younger individuals - it's essentially a complication of muscles that have grown too fast for the tissues surrounding them.

    Don't muck about, seek proper, professional help - it's what they're there for... Rehab period will depend on the diagnosis and the severity of the injury. Might be none, might be lots.
  4. why did you not turn around and go back :lol:
  5. Ok mate, where exactly is the pain? Is it in the muscle body or lower down in the tendon? Can you feel a lump/ hard mass in the muscle? Has it swollen, or did it swell up at the time? How has it changed since the injury? This is all useful info to help answer your questions.

    It may be that you have torn either the muscle or the tendon. A sudden, painful injury that stops you running would fit that picture. ( I know as I've torn mine in the past!)

    If the pain/'tear' is in the muscle bulk then recovery will be faster due to the better blood supply. If it's in the tendon, recovery may take a while longer. I would advise you to go see a doc about this as if it is the tendon, they may require specific treatment to prevent further injury (cast or reconstruction at the extreme).

    General advice is to rest it, use ice if it helps, elevate it and use ibuprofen to take the swelling down. But I'll say again, go see a doc because it may need some attention, at the very least maybe some physio to help rehabilitate it.

    When I did mine I didn't see anyone about it. I reckon it was at the junction of the muscle and tendon (so called 'tennis leg' injury), I still get some twinges there two years on when running with bergans etc. Don't be a muppet like me, go and get some advice on it!
  6. Thanks doc for your reply
    I saw the Physio and she said its a slight tear on one of the muscles by the tendon cant remeber which one there is a little lump it didnt swell straight away as I iced it quite quickly.The Physio massaged it and used the ultra sound she gave me some exercises and some brufen I am still icing it as well she reckons about six to seven days from now I can start running again. BTW the physio was fit as fook South african took me mind off the pain for a while.
  7. An Afrikaner you say???

    There just so happens to be a fit as fook Afrikaner physio who posts on this very forum. You know who you are :wink:
  8. Nice one mate, fit as fook physios are always a bonus!
  9. Ha!! -who needs medical training... :wink: Now I'll start charging for the advice...