sports glasses or cheap spares?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by hopefulrecruit, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    I wear glasses. Would I be better off spending a lot of money on some high quality sports glasses/goggles or spend the same amount and buy 2-3pairs of cheap glasses so that I have spares?

    I feel that I would rather buy sports glasses, but would be pretty pissed off I broke them, but on the other hand, my glasses do seem to slip off when I get sweaty.

    Does anyone that wears goggles or wraparound glasses find that they steam up?
  2. Have you considered getting Contact Leses? They are pretty cheap to buy and you look daf when wearing htem!! Just a thought.
  3. I'm holding off until I've done ADC but I'm definately considering getting a pair of prescription Wiley goggles, alternatively I'll just get a new pair of sturdy glasses and cellotape them around my head.
  4. Get the issue 'sex offender' style ones, if you break em then you can get em fixed for nothing. Of course you'll never be accepted in any team sports wearing them due to the amazing look you'll have.
  5. I do have contacts but when I get really hot and the sweat starts running into my eyes they become very very saw. If im exercising outside in the summer, I can only wear them for 2-3hours before I really have trouble keeping my eyes open.

    I would rather wear glasses whenever possible.
  6. I use Activue Moist by Johnston and Johnston. I got them for sport, I wear my glasses for everything else. They are a cut above "regular lenses" and are very comfortable and dont seem to be effected by sweat pouring into my eyes. I can comfortable wear them through the day even with exercise, sweat, showers etc.. I reccomend them.

  7. Take them off. I run without my glasses, it means that life is full of surprises! :D
  8. Like crotch-high bollards..

  9. Anyone know anywhere in the UK online that does Wiley prescription goggles or similar?
  10. type that into google.

    There ar tones of sites. no point in me linking just one cos you'll want to copmapre all the prices.

    prescription goggles
    prescription sports glasses
    addidas prescription