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I have been advised that Viper fom the Maximuscle range is the creme-de-la-creme of sports drinks for both pre and after hydration.

Any users out there?

Is it value for money? Does it work? Does it improve performance? Are there better alternatives on the market?
Depends what you want it for. Science-in-Sport are leaders in the market, check out their range here:

I use PSP22 and the occasional Go gel.


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Gatorade. Buy the powder to mix with water as it is cheaper than buying bottles of the stuff.
Drink what tastes good for you, and always read the ingredients. Remember that ingredients will vary from country to country, even within Europe (I used to have to watch out for caffeine). Remember that there's a difference between "rehydration" and "getting energy back into your system as fast as possible".

Water isn't absorbed by the body as quickly as the isotonic (or slightly hypotonic) solutions, but it's a damn sight cheaper. Tesco's own brand is probably just as good as Gatorade. I know people who just watered down some fruit juice.

The things I found most useful were the soluble tablets that Isostar used to produce. I managed to avoid the "tub of powder breaks open in the suitcase" nightmare...

Some practical advice would be that if you have a reusable drinks bottle, make sure you clean the damn thing; going down with the runs before the big event would be stupid. Miltons tablets are just the thing.
jarrod248 said:
A lot of these companies are making money and they will say all sorts of rubbish. You need a balanced diet and good old fashioned plain water, which is included in these drinks is perfectly fine.
Save your money for beer and cigs.
If you're a serious sportsman then you need supplements and sports nutrition products. If you're a casual runner/gym user then your advice is spot on.

I second Dragstrip's comments about SIS. By far the best out there for those in cardio sports. It's used by GB cycling, Sky, Astana, Saxobank and a few other tour teams, plus GB rowing.
jarrod248 said:
'As easy to drink as water

During scientific research GO electrolyte was as light on the stomach as water whilst an isotonic simple sugar drink was heavier even though it was less concentrated!'

They Say things like the above, which scientific research, who wrote it, are they credible, was the research funded by the company? A lot of it is sheer bull.
Is it, do you use these products?

Fueling your body for exercise should be thought of in 3 phases - Pre-workout, Mid-workout and Post work-out. For what it is worth, ask yourself why you are using the sports drink. If you dont need that extra oomph you will end up taking onboard extra calories you don't need.

For most people getting Pre-workout phase right will be sufficient - well hydrated and a healthy meal 2hrs before.

The idea of mid-workout fueling is to delay the onset of fatigue and extend endurance. If you are doing a quick 30-40 min session, you shouldn't need extra fuel for this?

Post-workout fueling is about a replen of the bodies glygogen stores. Carbs eaten 15-45mins post exercise will make sure your muscle arent running on empty. Endurance training can cause muscle damage and it is also beneficial to take onboard protein.

I dont use the maximuscle range so cant comment on the Viper product other than to say dont find out on your race day it doesn't agree with you, get it used in training long before.

I use SIS PSP22 Energy, a carb energy drink, on longer training sessions.

I use the SIS Rego Recovery a protein carb complex drink if I've had a high intensity session or long training day. I find I get less muscle ache the day after with this, combined with eating a few chunks of pineapple.
These cost £8.50 for 500g

I also use the Nuun Tabs for a electrolyte enhanced drink, I'll use this again on a high tempo session and will start taking on board 30 mins in. These do contain Sorbitol which is linked IBS and other bowel irritations but I've had no dramas.

I dont use the Gels, I find that these make me feel thirsty and have to take on additional fluids.
We used to drink pints of each others pi ss at sqn smokers. It's better cold than warm though. Am I wrong or are all these snazzy drinks the same as go faster stripes on trainers?
eodmatt said:
We used to drink pints of each others pi ss at sqn smokers. It's better cold than warm though. Am I wrong or are all these snazzy drinks the same as go faster stripes on trainers?
Depends if your a fat cnut who grizz's a bft or someone who likes to push their pulheems.


If you can't drink water, that would basically rule out sports drink. A half marathon really isn't that long. At your age, your muscles naturally store enough energy in them to complete a half marathon. Therefore, I would propose that with proper training, you won't any energy gel or drink. Good race strategy and stamina will do more for you than energy product.

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