Sports clubs in the Army?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Narcoleptic_Fish, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. Ok, so this is going to sound like a really wierd question, actually I have a few... I tried the search tool, but nothing came up that answered my question exactly, so here goes:
    1) Does the army have its own swimming club? Like with training sessions and stuff or would I have to join one near to the barracks and train independantly?
    2) I've heard that the Basic Training periods are really really busy, would I have the time (and energy) to go swimming training as well as doing the basic training or would I have to give swimming up temporarily, while doing the Basic Training?
    3) Do you have to become a PT trainer/coach to 'specialise' in a sport? Like if you were going to the Olympics or something (not ging to happen for me, just an example!), and had to train loads leading up to it, would the army give you the time off, or would you have to train on top of all the stuff you are expected to do?

    I know, I'm asking alot, but I would be very happy if anyone could answer any of my questions, or even point me in the direction of who could.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. 1) Yes, the army will cater for almost any sport yopu wish for.

    2) Hell no, basic is far too busy to be even thinking about sleeping, never mind swimming.

    3) The army gives you time off to train for olympics, commonwealth games, that kind of shizzle.
  3. Not been in for a while but don't think it will have changed that much so hope this will help.

    1. Depends entirely on the unit some will have swimming team but in my experience swimming hasn't been one of the more popular sports, units usually tend to put there sporting effort into football rugby or boxing but like I say Depends on the unit.

    2. Basic training is very busy and you will definately not in general have the time or the inclination to train for an extra curricular sport. When you get out into phase 2 training again will depend on the course and what "trade" you are taking up, as to the amount of time and energy you have for swimming.

    3. Don't have to be a PTI to specialise in a sport but again in general those that excel do tend to gravitate towards that corps, and the amount of time you will get to train will depend on your unit, operational commitment etc, but I will stick my neck out here and be prepared to be wrong but if you are of Olympic standard and are likely to represent you county I don't think time off will be an issue, after all what better advert for the Army than an Olympic medallist (Kelly Holmes anyone and she wasn't even serving at the time).

    Hope this is of use

  4. Thankyou both of you!