Sports at 14 Sigs

Football is the most popular sport at Brawdy, Cross country not as popular, Orienteering used to be huge but has died off over the last 2 years, The Rugby team has just started up again (don't know how successful it'll be this time), because of the 4 day week it's quite hard to get time off work to train (except for football) and people don't like giving up their own time so it's hard to get a team together. Also due to distances you have to travell to get a game (against a military team) that's a whole day written off.
deerhunter said:
ChickenHeart said:
Where does the parkour selection take place? I need to come and see this so that I can start up a club at my unit a la Fight Club......

245's block... er,

There is no Fight Club.
Don't forget the first rule of Fight Club or the second rule for that matter.

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