Sports at 14 Sigs

Shagging sheep counts as a sport in West Wales you know...

If you are a football player then the odds are good. Current CO is a BIG fan of the beautiful game.

Football is the most popular sport at Brawdy, Cross country not as popular, Orienteering used to be huge but has died off over the last 2 years, The Rugby team has just started up again (don't know how successful it'll be this time), because of the 4 day week it's quite hard to get time off work to train (except for football) and people don't like giving up their own time so it's hard to get a team together. Also due to distances you have to travell to get a game (against a military team) that's a whole day written off.
deerhunter said:
ChickenHeart said:
Where does the parkour selection take place? I need to come and see this so that I can start up a club at my unit a la Fight Club......

245's block... er,

There is no Fight Club.
Don't forget the first rule of Fight Club or the second rule for that matter.

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