Sports afternoons

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Welshexpat, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. Checked the ARRSE after dinner tonight - practically every forum with new posts and topics, some new topics gone to 4 or 5 pages already.

    1. Is this how it always is? - it's always mad here, I know that even from my short time here, or is it extra busy because it's Wednesday afternoon and a lot of serving members were here on their 'sports afternoon'?

    2. How am I/is one supposed to keep up with all this? How do experienced ARRSErs trawl through the topics?

    3. Is Wednesday afternoon indeed still 'sports afternoon' and if so, is it generally a time when, maybe you go through the 'sport' actions for say half an hour and then sod off home etc?
  2. Get DII :D

    Then pretend you are realy busy :roll:
  3. What's this 'Sports Afternoon' you refer to?
  4. We used to get them in the 80's and 90's - cast your mind back, the memory will be there somewhere :cry:
  5. I'll try and remember but the Alzheimers ........... bread and butter pudding please. 1970's yes, din't I join the Army then? Yes. Is that you mother?
  6. I think today confirms that ARRSE-ing is an unofficial military sport!

    No friggin' wonder most members are anonymous!
  7. Wednesday Afternoon. Sports . Pissing it up in the Lido in Munster,when the EME walked past and saw us. Couldn't do a thing..............He was out shopping with the wife.
    SEME,Bordon. Parade on Thursday morning, "All those who went swimming in Aldershot yesterday afternoon, show your admisssion tickets."
  8. I used to say I was going to do sub-aqua. Telephones didn't reach down there so no one ever looked for me at that time.
  9. Funny old thing - I recently noticed a poll on Armynet asking people if they still take sports afternoons on Wednesdays. Are they just trying to wind us up or what?
  10. The good thing about when the lads get away on sports afternoons is that I can clear my desk of all the paperwork without having to stop every five minutes. Sport afternoons are one of the biggest selling points in recruiting new lads so are a MUST.