Sports Afternoons

On another thread (bruggen/javelin)it was suggested that sports afternoons would be a good topic to discuss!
Do units in the corps still have them?
Is it still classed as a buckshee day in which the singlies w@nk all afternoon while the pads take wifey shopping?
when was your last sports afternoon?


It's sports afternoon today! No shooting off home for the pads though; you've gotta sign off camp! :D
here we have them when course permits at my last place the CO brought in a rule that you had to submit an organised sport before the event and he would walk round and check.
Sports afternoons? why just skive for an afternoon, when with the application of a little low cunning, you can have the whole day off, every Wednesday.
Try harder! :wink:
apparently regimental morris dancing is not has never been and will never be an army sport.

Bang goes my plan for me to p*ss up summer sunday's in various west country beer gardens on army funds.

all for the price of wearing a gay costume and prancing round like a nonce for 10 minutes
Had many sports afternoons in York........

usually swimming down at the Roman Baths......

a good quality venue for drowning your sorrows of work from Monday and Tuesday!!!!!
We told the boss we had formed a 'Local Heritage Appreciation Club' whilst in Catterick, spent sports afternoons combing the Yorkshire Dales for hostelries that served Theakstones from the wood :D
lol @ 'sports afternoons'.

"we are off into town to do some admin",

"is it ok if me and a few of the lads do some orienteering, and borrow a lanny to get there and back",

"volleyball? wtf is that?",

hangovers after sports afternoons? normal form :D
I am out in Baghdad at the minute and we even get sports afternoons here on a saturday (if your not on shift). I dont know if sunbathing is technically a sport but it works for me.

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