Sports afternoons.....

Who actually does sports on sports afternoons.  Apart from Egyptian PT?

Or a spot of religious violence (Bishop Bashing)
If your unit's anything like ours, the only people who get sports afternoons are those who play golf with the CO. :p(bumlick)

The rest of us just go for recces.........of the area!!!!! Why should we miss out........

Red Ken  ;D
four sports afternoons??

But how many nights in the Bustan Palace, Muscat to get those great SA80 A2 pix??????
I have given up on sports afternoons many years ago.  The troops still seem to fit them in on a regular basis but when you try and task them with some job you get the sucking through the teeth..."My god, when are we supposed to fit that in?"

Same thing with NAAFI break.

Oh well, at least I still have the memories.......
I have to agree with you there Leanne do the hierarchy sit around and discuss how best to f*"k the men around I know lets make there sports afternoon a CFT they will love it.
It is a shame that sports afternoons have fallen by the way-side, particularly for the people who wish to partake in sport rather than shooting down the local for an early start!!  ;D
Whaaat? :eek: No sports afternoons? You must be kidding! The CO has made them compulsory. The only hoods excused are the duty clerk, the duty driver and the needlework team. The trouble is the Nintendo Generation doesn't know how to play sport and tends to slope off to their pits to watch a DVD after 2 chukkers of Badminton. wanna game?


War Hero
sports afternoons are fine if there organised!! have turned up to the pictches at least twice and an uder 10s hockey match (or something else equally interesting) is on cos SOMEONE didnt book the pitch but saw fit t o drag everyone along, just in case it was free
If you don't play Regimental Sports then you can always support your Regimental Team if they are at home.

I am sure they would appreciate the support - and the bar is almost always open afterwards :p
I am a big fan of sports afternoons...I am a sportsperson but in my last job if you counted up all NAAFI breaks, our 10 o clock start on a monday and the 12 o clock finish on friday, tue and thurs PT the actual working hours in the week was something like 23hrs!!! so take off another afternoon and there isn't enough time in the week to do everything!!!

for those peeps who want to use them for sports then I'm all for them.....I hate those sloping skivers though!!!
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