Sports Afternoons!

Should I be more professional???

  • NO...get up the Cannon NOW!!!

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  • I'll go for a run first...see you there about three

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  • Sorry I'm playing sqush with the CO

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  • I'm too worried about my CR, I'm off back to work

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OK, its Wednesday.....its sports afternoon, but I'm going on the p1ss instead.....does this make me a bad i give a fcuk!!! Whose coming?....
TCF, you are not a bad person. Get down the pub and be boozed up before 3 o'clock.

Sport is for people that can't play darts with a pint!!
"sports afternoon" has always been the official response to "where is everyone?"

sounds better than..........on the lash


Back in 82 when I was unpacked at Bn in Munster we soon learnt the art of sports afternoons. Being an Airportable Bn having LPCs as transport we were on sports every afternoon. I suspect it allowed the SNCOs to steal our kit whilst we were out. Not being a sporty type I had no organised sport so Beasting by company was threatened, hint taken 20Dm down the sock and a jog up to Hiltrup Lake to drink and watch the Boxhead nude sunbathers was in order!
Unfortunately the Op Banner the following year put an end to that and the New CO thought we should be training, never asked us though. We had a Canadian Pln Cdr who tried to get us to ice skate even laid on wheels to the rink, problem was hire skates or drink beer? Skate hire ate into beer tokens so little skating was ever done by the lads!
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