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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by NorthSeaTiger, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. Have seen that Flintoff and Co have all got MBE's for winning the Ashes .. because England havent won it for a while.

    So how come the Welsh Rugby Squad got sod all for Winning the Six Nations ?? .. they hadnt won that for a while and probaly sweated a bit more doing it .. thought they played some cracking Rugby this Year .. Gavin Henson in particular deserves something for the way he managed to play in between keeping Charlotte serviced .. good effort .. :p

    Seems a bit unfair that .. recognising One Home Nations achievement over another.

    And for the record .. I am not a Taff, Im a Jock and have no complaints that we got sod all .. hardly surprising considering we were s**t at everything .. :oops:
  2. Hmmmm, slight English imbalance in the recent awards. ( In case no one has noticed)

    Personally i think Henson is a pric_k but the welsh management might well have got some award for winning the 6 nations for the first time in years.

    Cannot fathom why the WHOLE England squad recieved the MBE (less vaughn).
  3. Mike Ruddock was awarded the OBE - didn't get much publicity in amongst the fuss for the cricket team and Sir Tom Jones (for services to the lingerie industry).
  4. Times on Saturday made a good point as well:

    Paul Collingwood - Ashes 'hero' - 1 Ashes Test - 98 mins played - 17 runs - MBE

    Steven Gerrard - Wins European Champions League - Scores vital goal - Shortlisted as FIFA Player of the Year - NOTHING.

    And I'm not even a Liverpool fan!
  5. Would you like to expand om why Stevie G (La) should awarded the MBE. Presumably every other player shortlisted as FIFA player of the year (and who has scored a goal) should get an MBE too..??
  6. Merely highlighting the fact that by giving a 'blanket' MBE for all team players can, I feel, degrade an Honours System that has already received criticism for dishing out gongs for that who have not necessarily made an 'exceptional contribution to Britain'.
    Do you feel that Collingwood is deserving of an MBE? Personally, I would say no.

    Ricky Hatton has also missed out on any award, despite winning 2 x World Light-Welterweight Titles. Compard Gerrard and Hatton with Collingwood and I think it is clear who are more deserving. :lol:
  7. Not compulsory, however, the last time an English team won the European Cup (Champions League) it was recognised in the new year list.
    With the management being spanish, IMHO Gerard would be have been a good candidate (as good as some of the ashes players) to recieve some reward for his efforts last season. :D
    I don't expect a Blue nose to agree with me though 8O :D :D
  8. I have no problem with Hatton.

    He would appear to be more deserving than most.
  9. James Toseland won World SBK in 2004 and got nothing. Youngest ever World Champion in SBK - nothing.

    Gavin Henson is an arrse BTW. Thats not anti-Welsh because they fully deserved 6 Nations, but one tackle and one penalty does'nt make an award. (This point applies equally to Paul Collingwood)
    As for Gerrard, he should be ade to pay for all the burnt shirts the redshite fans ignited when he stuck in his transfer request.
  10. Ha Ha.....

    1305 hrs Anfield:

    Chelsea can have him -- traitor. Pass me away shirt and the matches.

    1307hrs Anfield (Stevie G La has a change of heart):

    Stevie G is de gear.... We luv im...!! Worth every penny of his new contract
  11. But we won't talk about Shreks (Rooney) loyalty :oops:
    Hatton should have been a banker award.
    I would never burn a football shirt, don't you know how much they cost :lol:
  12. No-one is talking about an award for Rooney. Gerrard is a hank
  13. Rooney asked for a transfer and got one.

    Stvie G la has asked TWICE now.

    What's your point...??
  14. I do mate, they are half the price they were a fortnight ago.
  15. My point is, like him/his team or not. He is the Captain of a team that won the European cup. Winning the competition is not very easy, others have been rewarded for similar sporting achievements, therefore he, in my opinion (my opinion, which obviously doesn’t count otherwise this thread would be WHY THE F**K HAS THAT T**T GERARD GOT A GONG) is as deserving as others on the list of an award.
    But I am writing this through Red tinted spectacles!!!!