Sporting Guns near the School

Any Sporting Guns in and around the School this weekend?

The quoted post (below) is from <<this>> thread on Shooting Sports. There are already three Arrsers confirmed to attend and one more yet to do so.

LEFTY478 said:
Anyone fancy getting some practice in one Sunday, down at the Larkhill Clay Target shooting Club, Royal School of Artillery? They're open on the 26th of this month.

IIRC, round of (100) sporting is £20, cartridges and gun hire are available and there's no restriction on plastic wads. I have a spare sporting and skeet gun, if needed. There's plenty of room in the Shogun and company pays the fuel bill.

They also have Skeet, DTL, ABT and a compact layout - all at £5/25 clays if memory serves.
Any more sporting Arrsers fancy a day on the clay, this coming Sunday?

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