sport in phase 1

Im amazed, have the standards changed. In the 70s 80s we had guys who were master sportsmen in there own right before they joined so it was seen as an asset. A lot of bikers were around then as the images show.


you are probably right i had just saw on the army website for atr winchester in the downloadable what to expect leaflet that it mentioned judo and was wondering if the info was old and out of date
If you are going to Junior Entry there will be some form of sports evening.

Ignore these keyboard warriors who think their 13 weeks of basic training at Pirbright or Bassingbourn is the hardest thing ever and if you don't have it exactly as they did you are soft.
Superb response.

A young lad asks for advice. Someone in the know answers and the duty Internet hardman tried to be funny.
My younger son chose Golf and (I think) Clay Pigeon shooting as his sports at AFC Harrogate. Mind you, he had no time for sports at Phase 2 in Catterick. My older son, who joined the RAF Regiment at 16, only had time to wind up his Army Brethren

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