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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Shipper, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    First post so I hope this is in the correct place. I am due to start at RMAS in January and was wondering what the oppourtunities for sport while on the course are like, particularly rugby. I haven't played for a couple of years but I am keen to get back into it, can anyone tell me what how many teams RMAS field and the frequency of fixtures? Are there just 1st 2nd and 3rd XV academy teams or does each company put out a side? Any info wold be greatly appreciated!


  2. Obviously the Ac is big on Rugby. There is scope to play twice a week, with the occasional extra training session when your timetable allows. The main body is the XL club who toured the US for two weeks around easter this year, I don't see why the Ac wouldn't do it again. I don't play any more, so I cant advise as to how many (1st, 2nd XV etc) teams that the Ac fields. There is definate scope for some intercompany rugger, especially during the company sports competitions...
  3. Cheers, appreciate the info!
  4. Shipper,

    There is a bit of both. If you played to a pretty good standard then you will find others of your quality. If you played in the 3rd XV at school then the company rugby team is good fun. Good luck.
  5. I know how this must sound but I have a rather negative question to ask.

    Basically, with sports such as rugby (and judo etc.) there's quite a risk of badly injuring knees and such like. I would want to do Rugby, Judo and/or Boxing at Sandhurst but what happens if for instance, you blow out a knee ligament in a match?

    I know there's plenty of rough and tumble at Sandhurst, which could lead to injury but would it be sensible to try and find a less "impact" based sport?
  6. Sorry knees are always going to get punished and on an Infantry based course if the rugby field doesn't get you then there are lots of other potential places to get caught out not least on exercise. I hate to say it but ears and knees are high risk in the services, be careful but don't opt out!
  7. Your call really. There are plenty of opportunities to knacker yourself on the course, both on and off the rugby field!! The rehab setup is pretty spot on but you do run the risk of getting back termed etc if you injure yourself so badly that you can't take part in training to any meaningful degree.

    I took the view that there are plenty of chances to play Rugby etc once comissioned so I decided to do something a little different while at the Factory. I ended up doing Modern Pentathlon and had a fantastic time going to national champs etc and competing with past and future Olymic medalists!!!
  8. I was academy Judo and Coy Rugby whilst there (many, many years ago!!). You get a knock - you get it fixed and carry on. I was more injured on Ex than doing sport - apart from getting Menigitis of course (that was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad). The Docs are OK but the Physios are excellent so if you are banged, or in worst case, Y listed, you will be fitter and stronger than when you turned up - just in time to join your new platoon mates.

    Sandbags is a bit like being a teenager. You aint supposed to enjoy it - you just have to get through!!

    Illegitime non coberundum (Don't let the bast@rds grind you down - motto of RCT POC Troop!)
  9. Thanks. I'm glad others have considered this as well.

    That's exactly where I'm coming from. The aim is to complete the course no matter what and if that means making strategic choices then so be it.

    Thanks for the sensible replies! I was expecting "Don't be a girl" or "You're trying to join the Army and you're worried about getting hurt playing rugby"??
  10. We did think it, but we is all mature! Mind you most of us I would hazard have knackered kness and for heavens sake watch your ears mine are shot to buggery and it is a pain dribbling in the pub and not hearing a thing.
    Enjoy yourself and be careful, and as Loggie said your aim is to finish and get through.
  11. You do get to certain points in the course when all you want to do is finish and get through the bloody thing. It's all well and good playing Ac sport, but as has been said, playing rugby/judo etc does significantly increase the risk of some injury or another, and lucknow is just don't want to be there. There is a lot on offer so it could be time to find something new! Personally I get to ride 2-3 times a week which is quite a nice alternative to getting battered to sh*t on the rugby field.

    P.S - Pardon crap grammar, I've had feck all sleep, a crap breakfast (the joys of V*****y college) oh and yes I'm deploying to ex: broadsword this afternoon. Yay! Petrol bombs!
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I was a University 1st XV player before Sandhurst but took the view that by playing whilst there I was more likely to get injured, so I didn't get involved in the Academy team (did turn out for the company though), and there were a number of others who took the same view. Having said that, it was the old 6 month course where there was virtually nil time for recovery from injuries.
  13. How does your participation in different sports look when it comes to the regimental interview stage? I'm assuming that it can only be a good thing to represent your company/the academy at any sport?

    How about if you take up a new sport purely out of interest and for fun rather than staying with what you are good at? How is that looked upon?
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The Loamshires are well known for their fondness for traditional sports, like jousting, archery and pig-sticking, whereas the Blankshires tend to be more innovative: a friend of mine who captained the RMAS naked roller-blade frisbee team was snapped up...

    Pause for a moment and think about the question that you have just asked. Do you honestly think that a regimental selection board in the 21st century is going to look askance at a candidate because he or she has, for example, given up hockey to play volleyball?
  15. Haha, no not at all I didn't mean it like that. I meant that Sandhurst is obviously going to be extremely competitive so it can hardly hurt to have sporting achievements on your record.

    When I previously attended RCB I was questioned quite thoroughly on why my main sports were individual events rather than team games (for obvious reasons) so I assumed it may be noted at Sandhurst too.

    Besides, I'd prefer to go to the teeth arms and being a bit older than the average applicant, I thought it would be good to be able to demonstrate aggression and tenacity.