Sport and Army Fitness - Which one is best?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by irishpacker, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Rowing

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  2. Rugby

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  3. Football

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  4. Combat sport (Boxing, Judo etc)

  5. Tri-athlon

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  6. Swimming

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  7. Weight Lifting

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  8. Long Distance Running

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  9. Other

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  1. What sport (Rugby, rowing, triathlon, running, tennis etc) do you think is the best to play in terms of preparation for the Army?

    The Army requires a good combo of endurance training combined with strength and agility for crossing obstacles and lifting gear/men. What sport combines extreme endurance fitness, whilst at the same time maintains strenght and agility?

  2. Muay thai/Boxing and some power lifting.

    Although I would say something with a team aspect would also be good.

    I'm not serving however so pinch of salt, I'm just talking about pure fitness.
  3. MMA, Hill sprints, and bit of road of work (running) gets me a 1.5 mile time of 8:23.

    but Im guessing triathlete training with a bit of upper body work thrown in is best for Military fitness.

    see 55 year old commando.............
  4. Rugby is quite an all round sport in terms of strength and endurance I reckon.
  5. I would argue against triathlon. You swim, run and bike at a steady maintainable pace and you carry cack all. It is also non-contact.

    Something like rugby has you trained to work yourself over and above your pain threshold in irregular patterns, requires strength, some stamina and gets you used to taking knocks and handling yourself in a fracas. Training involves weights too for power.

    Sure if you wanna be an athlete do triathlon. Wanna be a soldier - do rugby.

    Your welcome !

  6. To be fair, the OP said 'preparation' for the army: the pain threshold/ handling yourself stuff is going to be part and parcel of phase 1/2 anyway, so surely the best prep is going to be the stamina and alround conditioning of triathlon? (and don't forget tri usually involves plenty of weights work in the off season).

    That said, nowt like something with a bit of 'contact' to prove to yourself you can have a bit of pain without the world coming to an end ...
  7. powerlifitng, Only cause its all i do anyway.
  8. Well you would, wouldn't you ? Being a black clad member of Her Majesty's Special Forces (or a cadet) would mean that you have to. Are you the one on the left in you avatar ?? :?

    Also, kids are always pre-occupied by muscle size rather than efficiency. Your attitude will change once you start shaving.

    :wink: :wink: :wink:

    Wind your young neck in ------- I'm having fun and couldn't resist it !! :D

  9. As long as you do a little running (to prevent things like shin splints) I would say rowing. It's the best all around fitness going.
  10. I don't think any one sport would prepare somebody for the Army; it would be better to combine various sports like Cross-Country Running, Weight Training and a full-contact sport such as MMA or Rugby.

  11. you really think that
  12. depends what you intend to do within the army.

  13. What the feck are you on about?

    Yes, Thats why i do strength/power lifting training and not "bodybuilding".....well done.
  14. Infanteers I suppose would need an all-round regime, but if you're joining to be anything more than a bullet-catcher and will have an actual job to do, just run. Run, run and run some more, because that's all you'll be doing out of phase 1. Seriously if you can do your 44 press ups and 50 sit ups every couple of months that's all you need. Run, get good at and bask in the knowledge that though you're a weed you can just skive through every circuit session and wow the ruperts with your merely moist brow after a steady state run. Or a cross country run. Or a boot run. Or sprints. Or hill reps.

    Run Forrest, run.