Spoons for Drug Addicts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 2/51, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. So, it has been reported up here in Grampian that the NHS has spent £800,000 on giving "equipment" to drug users in the Grampian region and Scotland wide, 22 million items, from needles to spoons, filters to swabs have been given out for "free".

    This was a scheme thought up by the scottish Government to help reduce drug taking in Scotland. Those who work on the front line have repeated their call for this system to be scrapped and the millions spent on giving users equipment to be used on Abstinance programs instead.

    Having worked briefly with drug abusers, I believe in the Kenny Everett solution involving a field, a bomb and a large bang!
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  2. Well it is sad that any money has to be spent on rehabilitation of any kind when clearly abstinence would be better. Avoiding doing bad stuff in the first place is clearly better than doing it.

    Maybe the thoughts are in this case that spending 800,000 might save on money further down the road, I am thinking if it helps prevent the spread of HIV and the like, that will surely save a bundle.

    I don't like it but it just seems to be the level headed thing to do. It is not about condoning drug taking but what can we do to limit impact of it.
  3. ...said equipment being very cheap and widely available, and costing of unused secure empty warehousing units where they can go cold turkey. Simple.
  4. Which Scottish Battalion was that? ;) £800,000 equates to 44 annual HIV treatments (UK estimated ave is £18,000 per person for retrovirals)...I wonder how many infectons this has prevented and thus in terms of cost-benefit is quite succesfull?
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  5. Link?
  6. £800,000 is a lot cheaper than paying out to treat those with various blood borne viruses, who can cost over ten grand a person to treat with meds.

    yes i agree that more needs to be spent on detox and rehabilitation, but harm prevention has a place in drug treatment stratagy for those who currently use drugs
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  7. The heathens certainly have a serious and endemic drugs problem.
  8. Prof Neil Mckegany no doubt.
  9. Heh. "Front Line". Direct line to Front Bench, perhaps.
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  11. The man has been laughed at for years when harm reduction was policy. Now he's the mutts nuts as abstinence is the only way, despite all the evidence saying its wrong.
  12. Since they brought in the minimum price for alcohol, heroin is now cheaper than Buckfast. Hence Argyll Street in Glasgow is now full of the Sons of Braveheart doing this to collect pennies for their next fix:-

  13. Ha 'The Loving Spoonful',still going strong I see (not the band).
  14. It was on Northsound One radio this morning..could not find a link on there website.

    The person interviewed was a director of a Drugs program...
  15. Now there's a stunning idea. Someone should make a law about it, just in case it's not blindingly obvious.

    You ******* spangle