Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Praetorian, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. [​IMG]


    Seperated at birth......?
  2. Zippy is a national institution to the children from my generation.

    She is a national disgrace to the children of this generation.

    They're both reknowned for gobbing off, but zippy always made more sense and at least the cnut could be shut up.

    Oh and ones a muppet, the other a star from a 70/80s childrens TV program.
  3. Zippy had some guys hand stuck up him to make him talk...oh see your point yep twins.....mind at least you could shut Zippy up..
  4. She and Tony did meet at a wide-mouthed frog party didn't they?
  5. And Zippy talks more sense and if I had to choose who to be locked in a room for a week with then its Zippy everytime.
  6. [​IMG]


    And here's Bungle!
  7. Good one Buttmaster...lol

    Scarey thing is they talk about the same amount of sense......
  8. They should have eaten the placenta not sewn a fcuking zip onto it.
  9. Browns saying

    "and Ann Widdecombe has got balls this size"
  10. ones a puppet and ones a but fuck ugly wide mouthed whore who should be sliced open then thrown to a pack of wolves the slut.
  11. Personally i quite fancy cherie blair but im a sick fcuker
  12. She does have a certain something.

    But thank fcuk she keeps it to herself.
  13. Hmmmm Brown or Bungle? It really is too hard to decide who has the worst fitting suit.
  14. I'm voting for him for our new Prime Minister when Bliar fcuks off because he talks sense so leave him alone please.

    Im talking about Bungle obviously