Spooky tunnels/ghosts in/at Hohne?

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by NDScott, May 8, 2008.

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  1. I am currenlty doing research into the tunnels at Hohne (the ones that went to Falli'. I know because a QM took me down and unofficially unlocked the massive doors and showed me (1989/9). Very long and creepy with loads of little side doors (cells) where they did who knows what...!
    It is my intention to use this in probably my next book which will be about the decendants of 'Doctor' Gebhardt (Scary/mad Nazi doctor) who was hung in 1948 for the terrible experiements he conducted on humans.
    If you have any information about supernatural activity in Hohne (I've heard about one quarter which is really creepy)! Please post a reply.

    Interested in this sort of thing then you might like to check out my website (and/or amazon.co.uk which has reviews and stuff). The 1st book 'Moves with Spirits' delves into the warped mind of a devient Army Cpl.. who takes on an Ex Special Ops Officer :twisted: with terrible results.
    The 2nd novel Pyramid Wars comes out in the autumn.
    If you are feeling kind and like what you see to help a new kicd on the block author (ex Regular 85-06) then pass on the website - many thanks NDSP
  2. I've been in Hohne since 82 and that sounds like a right load of bollox, that's about 40km of tunnel through land with a very high water table.

    This has to be a wah or spam.
  3. LeverBM - I know I am getting a bit fuzzy in the head 8O - too much cheap beer and wine in Hohne perhaps however all I can say is I clearly remember the event - even the weird cell doors? Also someone at Fali' told me about tunnels they had heard about at their end?
    Ok so we differ - Anyway as you have been at Hohne a fair while havn't you got any tales you could tell me. I'd be really grateful.
  4. I'm in Hohne right now, if you could tell me where these doors were I will go and have a look myself.
    Every Squaddie that's been here has heard varying stories of haunted this and tunnels to here and there. I'm in a job where I get access to most buildings. I've been in every single room in the Roundhouse including attics and cellars.
    I've heard all the stories and to be honest none of them have had any physical substance behind them.
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  5. 'Breach' I am actually sat no where near Hohne (rural Australia as it happens!)
    Let me think the Fali end was in the cellars of the tankies QM building (I could be very wrong though). As for the Hohne end mmm ( it was a long time ago now) I remember the corridor and the spooky little (What seemed like cell doors which even then gave me the real creeps). I think it was a then QM who showed me (Sorry can't remember the name). Just remember it was in one of the large blocks (however in an outside sort of entrance down some steps then through a normal corridor then in a scruffy store room there was just this big old door. Sorry can't remember anymore than that.
    How is Hohne anyway?
    THey were happy days ( :I remember them with much affection and :wink: ...don't you just love youg lady teachers recently arrived over from UK - I remember being a bee round the honey :roll: :wink: arrh....
  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Don't know about Hohne, but there was a similar tale about Trenchard Bks in Celle. Used to be HQ coy building, just inside gate on right, and Sigs Pln stores were in cellar. There was a very strange atmosphere in the place, and a tunnel did exist then. But a bloody long time ago now. In late 60s.
  7. Been in that building in Celle as well.
    The only thing that is remotely spooky up here on the old Inner German Border has to be the old Mortuary in Old Glyn Hughes Barracks. It still stands and it still has that kind of atmosphere

    Edited to add:
    NDScott - What QM's are you talking about, there were/are several here?
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I suggest you get hold of Pupgreen, he is the font of all knowledge in the area of Fally.
  9. Breach. I am sat here (sun long since gone down and I have to cycle home with the fibre pile zipped up - it gets cold over here)..so I will have a think overnight, may have been the Artillery QM (just before the 1st Gulf War).

    I thought you were going to say the only thing scary about the Fali QM was the QM ... that said the one I knew was a decent sort.
  10. good morning,,mr ,ndscott. right lets put this to bed right now,,
    there are no tunnels,,ok, what you was shown was prob a normal celler under one of the blocks..every block has them..under the big union buildings by the stores depot there are in fally small conecting tunnels,for a narrow gauge railway..again no more than 50 meteres long,,i expect that is the same at hohne as well in the old stores sheds there..
    this is and will always be an urban myth.having lived -dug-looked at all things fally i will stand up and 100%; say there is not a tunnel from here to hohne..sorry if that ruins your book,,but if you wish to write history. please come and speak with me or visit our web site,,
    we work hand in glove with the round house museum in hohne..and he hasent found your tunnel either...
  11. but,, we do have a ghost in our museum,,,which moves items,,bangs..
    and generally scares the shit out of you when you dont expect it..
    a lady medium also saw it and said,,its sat on the floor in that corner of the celler...strangly it was in the pow section room..which is also colder than the rest of the museum all of the time.......who knows,,it dosent frieghten me,,but its a tadge spooky when things are moved,,,and i know im the only one there.....
  12. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Generally seen after a night on Jagermeister.
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

  14. Pupgreen, :thumleft: Many thanks, this is exactly the little snippets of 'goings on' that I am after. In my experience/research museums frequently attract supernatural happenings (Actually this is pretty normal psychic activity). Gather a load of old stuff that has done 'stuff' and hey presto things happen....
    Also, thank your regarding the tunnels. Maybe in my fuddled mind I got Fali' and Hohne mixed up and the tunnel you are talking about with what I saw. Although not a tunnel from one camp to the next with liberal licence I will probably use it in the novel (not yet 'cos at the moment busy with the latest - all about Albanian gangs taking on criminality in North East England (Pyramid Wars). If Da Vinci Code can be flawed (is riddled) then I am safe and the chances of anyone actually getting to see the tunnel you refer to are tiny. So thanks again - also the small guage rail line is a another snippet which is very interesting (Does the block have a name and or number by any chance)? I will look at the website. If you get a coffee break please feel free to have a look at my own site: www.ndscott.com
    Thanks again for your help.

    Breech - might you have the same tunnels at the Stores sheds at Hohne?