Spooky tunnels/ghosts in/at Hohne?

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I am currenlty doing research into the tunnels at Hohne (the ones that went to Falli'. I know because a QM took me down and unofficially unlocked the massive doors and showed me (1989/9). Very long and creepy with loads of little side doors (cells) where they did who knows what...!
It is my intention to use this in probably my next book which will be about the decendants of 'Doctor' Gebhardt (Scary/mad Nazi doctor) who was hung in 1948 for the terrible experiements he conducted on humans.
If you have any information about supernatural activity in Hohne (I've heard about one quarter which is really creepy)! Please post a reply.

Interested in this sort of thing then you might like to check out my website (and/or amazon.co.uk which has reviews and stuff). The 1st book 'Moves with Spirits' delves into the warped mind of a devient Army Cpl.. who takes on an Ex Special Ops Officer with terrible results.
The 2nd novel Pyramid Wars comes out in the autumn.
If you are feeling kind and like what you see to help a new kicd on the block author (ex Regular 85-06) then pass on the website - many thanks NDSP
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