'Spooks' - what do they drive now?

Okay, we see plenty of references on here to tinfoil hats and Black Omegas pulling up outside every time someone gets a bit conspiracy theory-ey (I looked it up, it is the right term).

But the Omega's been out of production for what, seven or eight years now? Surely the fleet's getting a bit knackered.

Is it still running? If not, what are those rough-handed dealers of democracy cutting about in these days?
Thought it was blacked out range Rovers or is that something else.


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Toyota Prius, as the Govt has made deals to cutback on pollution.


The guys at Withams helped them out by finding about a dozen Mini Metros, former mounts of RAF Padres'.

Mark The Convict

What, homosexuals? You really expect me to know that? What are you insinuating? Come on, spit it out! :)
Last i heard they were cutting about in blacked out Yugo Zastefa's

Mark The Convict

Oh, Them! I'm frightfully sorry, I thought you meant, well, you know, Them.

I don't know, who's on third.
They've moved onto Sinclair C5's and those big comedy sunglasses...
due to cutbacks they now have to use uni-cycles and supply their own black shades
Psssst....don't tell anyone but vehicles are now redundant. They teleport everywhere "Star Trek" style, using back engineered alien technology from a recovered UFO which kept in a secret base beneath Frog Hill on SPTA.

It must be true I read it on the interweb.



Mark The Convict

I don't even know what our Them drive, although at least one of our Them was one of them, so obviously if one of our Them could be them, then your Them could be them too. Presumably they think of themselves as us, so if one of our them Them met one of your them Them, they/They would say we are them Them, or us.

Since I'm not one of them, and certainly not one of Them (preposterous notion) I wouldn't know either one if they/They ran up my leg and bit me on the arse. Of course if I were to ask, they would say 'Who', and I wouldn't be able to say what, since what's on Second, as we all know.

Cuddles knows this, and there's nothing funny about him.
In my day it was the Austin 1800
I could tell you but I was made to sign this bit of paper which stops me writing books or even doing a four page spread in Hello! Magazine of my new shed.

So in answer to your query - I know nothing, I know less than nothing, if I knew that I knew nothing then that would be something.

But I don't.
Well the one of" them" I went to school and boy Scouts with, was a right Mummys boy, who went to Arborfield at 15 to become a C Mech. then went 16 Para Log Rgt until doing selection, his Mum never forgave me for trying to get him to join JLR RAC but his Dad said he had to learn a trade, so he went REME

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