Spooks swap bomb instructions for cupcake recipe

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CasinoBoyale, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. Good drills? Playing a prank on AQ?

    Good drills would have been to change the bomb recipe to a highly unstable one to take out the bomb-makers, and then not announcing it in the press. I thought the task of the spooks was to covertly destroy our enemies, not to publicly play practical jokes on them.
  2. the problem with the plan is if a wannabe jihadist tries mixing it up in a house next door kaboom successful terrorist bomb if not in exactly the right place:(
  3. Might making the composition *that* unstable not slightly inconvenience the neighbours? "I heard a noise, Harold!" *Bang*

    Edit to add: Damnit, pipped by a Brighton hippy. The shame!
  4. Wonder whether Al Qaeda would like my recipe for Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte?
  5. OK then, a non-viable explosive.

    I don't think a cupcake-recipe prank is going to do much to erode the morale of people happy to blow themselves to bits.
  6. Trouble is: half of AQ, if the authorities are to be believed, is already in the UK, so getting them to blow themselves up .... Well - the implication is obvious.

    But, generally speaking, I like the idea!
  7. Second thought, exploding cup-cakes - keeps the mongs amused, they can lick the icing off surrounding walls!!
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  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    As has been pointed out, might make them think that if someone can hack their website, someone can key-log them or track them down where they walk their pets? Either way, nice one. About time Cheltenham put down their Frappuchino and took the online fight to the zombies.
  9. Oh, right. And then they'd give up being terrorists and take up flower arranging, I understand now. They obviously wouldn't be spurred on to great efforts to beef up their security, change their patterns of behaviour etc.This brilliant idea can be extended - surveillance cameras can have a big waving sign on top that says "WE CAN SEE YOU"; infiltration agents can wear yellow suits and revolving bow ties. Counter-terrorist agents can have squirty flowers in their lapels, and squib the naughty terrorists when they least expect it. That will do the trick.

    I wonder which part of 'Secret Intelligence Service' the employees of this organisation, are failing fully to grasp.
  10. tbf I doubt really serious terrorists are getting hints off a web site or even going anywhere near it.
    but just cause their waltish loons does'nt mean they are not dangerous.
    the guys who are trying to do the next 9/11 are dangerous but suffer a lot of disadvantages.
    abdul whos pissed at the infidel and wants to strike at the local mcdonalds is dangerous and almost untraceable so denying him access to a home made bomb and putting the shit up him might work.
  11. I suppose anything is worth a try. I just always sort of thought that if you breach your opponent's security, pretty much the last thing you want to do is rush up to him, flick his tie in his face and scream "I'VE BREACHED YOUR ******* SECURITY, I HAVE!"
  12. That would be the famous Al-Hamza cup cakes.
  13. whoever was in charge of the content to be placed on the site most certainly did not have a sence of humour, it should have been a recipe for a pork sausage or a bacon sarnie.