Spooks Series 9

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Cow, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. Cow

    Cow LE

    New series has started and although it pisses me off and I start muttering everytime they do something wrong or come out with something bo0locks I can't help but watch. Can't decide on the new bird, Sophia Myles. Very like Sheridan Smith (who I would love to rag around).

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  2. I think she gets topped in the next episode, so I'd get your 'admiration' session in early.
  3. It's just a bit of mindless fun telly really. I did laugh at Monday nights episode with the Somalian pirate carrying round a pump shotgun but wearing link for a belt fed weapon. He looked like he should have been hanging round with pancho villa!

    If you like Sophia miles watch 'hallam foe' starring Jamie bell. She gets her kit off and is involved in a couple of savage shaggings.
  4. In their eagerness to portray reality the TV makers seem to have conveniently forgotten that MI5 (formerly Military Intelligence 5) is the Domestic Security Service and would be highly unlikely to be actively involved in operations overseas. Secondly, they do not have a licence to kill. All in all the programme is just an entertaining portrayal of sh*t. Although my Landlady actually believes it to be true to life !
  5. They don't? Bugger!(rips up application form)
  6. You mean like the bloke who was a qualified merchant navy ship's captain despite being in the SBS which, I would assume, is pretty much a full time job.

    Or the fact that the pirates failed to spot that he was wearing a Royal Navy No 8 uniform, thus kind of giving away his occupation.

    Or the launch of the "Type 45 aircraft carrier" at Portsmouth.

    Or the fact that Type 45s are destroyers, not aircraft carriers.

    Or the fact that the video footage showed an Albion class amphibious assault ship.

    These folks clearly require a naval advisor on their filming crew. Possibly a retired matelot who could also be a body double for Sophia Myles' love interest when the ratings start to drop and she has to get her t1ts out to keep the viewers tuning in.

  7. Plus it was called HMS Endurance, which is an icebreaker, but i think this may be due to not having permission, so changing things slightly?

    Anyway, it's quite a fun show this, i like how they aren't afraid to kill main characters off, you never know what's going to happen. The EMP thing was fun as well, worrying about pacemakers, they never even mentioned that it would kill most of the city's computers and servers, which would cripple the UK, but i guess it didn't affect computers!
  8. Maybe it was a new class of ice breaking aircraft carrier for the forthcoming oil wars in the Arctic. And armed with Aster missiles in the manner of French carriers, like our T45s.

    Or would it? [Mariner's eyebrows rise knowingly]

    I had a tour round the City's main data centre once. It's nowhere near the City, it's got a duplicate, fallback centre in a safe place in Europe and there's a second duplicate centre on the other side of the world.

    Looks like an ordinary, but massive office block from the outside but the entire building can be encased in steel, armour plating in the event of impending disaster - not unlike the evil scientist's home in the film "Forbidden Planet".

    The civvy guards can be upgraded to armed police if required and soldiers can be brought in at an hour's notice if there's an NBC threat or a threat from terrorists armed with weapons that the police can't cope with.

    One, strange link with 'Spooks' is the door entry system. The spooks are portrayed using an 'airlock' system. You open the first door with your proximity card, then you enter the airlock for a few seconds while the door closes behind you and another one opens in front of you. Nothing to do with gas - it's to stop somebody opening a door with a stolen pass and loads of Labour voters rushing in at once.
  9. I think the BBC is in the final stages of luvvie disease; it simply lacks anyone who has ever lived & worked in the real world, and its lefty/luvvie nature specifically shuns any contact with a Service environment - hence the BBC's inability to even approximately portray professional or security personnel. E.g. did you watch any of the ridiculous "The Deep"? I honestly wondered whether it was supposed to be a comedy spoof of "The Abyss"...
  10. So, were they expected to build a new real aircraft carrier for these scenes then? ffs chaps, get a grip, its only the telly. :)
  11. But surely a bit of basic searching would have come up with the info that AM mentions?
  12. Every Freemason in London must snigger when they see the side entrance doors of Grand Lodge in Gt. Queens St. used as the supposed entrance to Thames House.
  13. I'm not too bothered about glaring plot holes like boat names and types. I'm not bothered about the Pirate shotgun/link thing ( cos they do actually do that anyway )

    What annoyed me last night is, your man Lucas / John walked into an empty bedspace in the hospital and his former bird/mother/brother/sister/lover/whatever walked into the same bedspace.

    How's that supposed to work?
  14. Dead easy. She was finished her last job and was at a spare end so she had nothing else to do. Oh yes and the scrip said so :)
  15. Lucretia

    Lucretia Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Last night's episode - can anyone explain to me, in easy words without too much swearing, what the flip was going on last night? I can usually follow these things - I can usually deconstruct post-modernist German art house cinema, come to that, but somewhere in the middle of the thing with the nerve gas and the Campbell character and Beth being not killed by Columbians who really should have shot her again just to be sure, I literally lost the plot...
    So what was going on, please?