Spook scandal in Athens

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. Could this apparent scandal explode into something juicy? Apparently the ISC will investigate and, as the power of the Dear Leader is collapsing, the chairman of the ISC (Paul Murphy) may be less reluctant to dissent from the party line than the supine Ann Taylor.


    Incidentally, I believe the "D-Notice" system (referred to as a gagging order) is voluntarily adhered to by newspapers and itself carries no legal power, presumably operating on the basis that co-operating is better than being told what to do. Is this true?

  2. If the worst that happened to them was a gun pointed to the head and one blow then, whilst being unacceptable, one could hardly describe it as torture. The Greek left, if I remember rightly have been suspected of some rather nasty stuff themselves, including the murder of the Brit Defence Attache.
  3. It's now called the DA-Notice (Defence Advisory Notice) and is indeed voluntary. The official website about how the system worked was here:


    but the site seems to have disappeared for now.

    Here is a quote from the website I had stored:

  4. Is there any point in a D-notice in this case, when a few minutes on the internet provides the information that is apparently so vital to national security? 8O

    An attempt to use a power for the sake of it, or to spare HMG's blushes in front of a domestic audience.

    I'll give the curious a clue: the name of the civil servant is not James Bond!
  5. What part of the story is an 'apparant scandal'?

    ... that the Greek intelligence service actually bothers to talk to anyone?
    ... the naming of the diplomat as an SIS employee?

    ... the allegation that this individual was working with the Greeks in an anti-terror op?
    ... the allegation that SIS was involved in a wider sense?
    ... the allegation that this op involved 'torture'?
    ... the allegation that the SIS would stoop so low as to use 'torture'?
    ... the allegation that the terrorists who bombed/tried to bomb London had 'friends' working in Greece?


    ... HMG should pull out a DA notice for such a piffle?

    ... or any of the other little tidbits dropped by the Greek press.

    Of all the names on the 'Tomlinson list', I have met just 2 - and both were as sneeeakey as sneeeakey beakey could be! :roll: