spoof recruitment posters

Hi all

I have noticed that there are several spoof army recruitment posters doing the rounds and have found one of them on the comic gallery of this site. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the rest of the posters. I was shown them once and found them very funny and would love to see them again.

Any tips would be usefull

Hmmmm.......is the Scum having a slow news day then? I smell journo!
Can smell this one from here!
And this one is funny peculiar rather than funny ha-ha:

Abacus, LostBoss and Darth_Doctrinus want you to join them in the army
Well tell the gym to stop being a bully!!!! Its rude to shout at people. Thats what I told my staffy at teh factory and he agreed with me. No really he did.
So that woman is Army on the right, RAF in the middle and fire service on the left?!?!? Hmm what does that say about the Navy? We don't let it daft blonde birds with cases of split personalities?
:D :lol: Where did you get those? The real ones are plastered all over the MRT, but I've never seen any spoofs. I didn’t think anyone would dare to!!

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