When the army references to regimental sponsorship what do they mean is it the same as getting a confimed place for that
regiment if accepted and passed out of sandhurst or is it simply help with the adminstration for applying to sandhurst. Many Thanks
You are not guaranteed a place with that regiment if you pass out of Sandhurst, however you are very likely to get a place. The regiments sponsor applicants who they feel are suitable to later join them and they put a lot of effort in to helping you, as such they will hope for you to join them if you pass out of Sandhurst - so long as you don't turn out to be a total failure ;)
While things may have a changed; in my day your sponsoring regiment/corps looked after you through the application process and generally kept you interested in joining while you where at university. Certainly in those days, you had to be sponsored by a regiment to go to RCB. At Sandhurst you were not automatically bound to go to your sponsoring regiment, although if (for whatever reason) you were not accepted by any regiment or corps, your sponsor regiment had to take you (provided you passed the commissioning course, obviously). I think that this was the case until relatively recently (may even still be so), I know of a couple of regiments who have been forced to take officers who they would not have chosen to, but who they had agreed to sponsor at an earlier stage. But to be honest, if you pass the course, you are pretty unlikely not to be accepted by anyone.
What happens if u fail to be accepted by anyone are u ejected out of the army or do u just wait for the next term at sanhurst and join in their group?
Very few (if any) will be accepted by no one*. There are a couple of corps which will tend to end up picking up those who fail to be accepted elsewhere. As I said, it used to be the case (and may still be so) that the original sponsoring regiment had to take the individual, if he/she was not accepted by anyone else.

*Except possibly those who are unable to punctuate their sentences and replace the word "you" with the letter "u"...!
finally do u ;) know if there is a time limit on after achieving sponsorship that you have to go into army?
No time limit, as far as I know. Sponsorship was always a fairly informal arrangement, it may now be more defined. You are best off discussing it with your recruiting officer.

Broadly speaking what area of the army are you interested in (i.e. Infantry, RAC, AAC, Combat Support, Combat Service Support, etc.)?
Broardly speaking Infantry or RAC, but I suppose they are the most applied to parts of the army?
The popularity of different arms, regiments and corps varies from year to year. While Afghanistan has been ongoing, the infantry has remained very well subscribed due to the nature of that particular operation. I am aware that the RAC always seems to get more applications than it has places (as of course do many infantry regiments, the AAC and I'm sure others as well).

My advice would be to tell your recruiting officer what parts of the army you are interested in and ask him to organise some visits to them, during your time at university (I am assuming you are there or about to go). During the whole process consider that first impressions do count, therefore concentrate on the written work (spelling and grammar, etc.) If you use "txt spk" in any context (as you have done so here) you will not be taken seriously. To give you an idea, I cannot imagine any serious potential Infantry or RAC officer ever using "txt spk" in any context, even on an internet forum, such as this.
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